JobLink for Employers

The Student Employment Office maintains an online system called JobLink to connect you with student employees on campus. Through JobLink, you will find the following information:

  • How to post a job
  • How to confirm if a student has an I-9 on file
  • How to complete the WTPA
  • Students’ Federal Work Study Awards
  • Payroll schedules, by academic year
  • Student Employment Handbook
  • JobLink Employer User Manual

JobLink Tutorials

JobLink User Guide can be found on the employer home screen once logged in.

  1. Log in to HRMS.
  2. Click JobLink.
  3. From the home screen select On Campus Employers.
  4. Enter your NetID and password for Duo authentication.
  5. If you are new to the system, select Request Login. Requesting a login requires using a URID (8 digits).


  • Students access JobLink through their Blackboard account.
  1. From the On-Campus Employer Home Screen, select Job Management Login. This will bring you to your department’s control panel.
  2. Select Add a New Job.
  3. Choose the appropriate job type from the drop down.
  4. Complete the job description template with the required information. Any fields denoted with an asterisk are required fields.
  5. Employer are able to add job specific and/or supplemental questions related to the position.
  6. Choose when the job should be listed for students to apply. Jobs must be posted for a minimum of 7 calendar days.
  7. The job will appear in the Pending Approval section on the control panel until approved by Student Employment.
  1. You may view the job and/or application details or request the job status be changed by simply clicking on the Job Title link.
  2. To edit the job, click Edit this Job link on the Manage Job page.
  3. To edit the application tied to your job, click Edit or View the Online Application.

There are three job statuses in JobLink.  Listed Jobs, Review Mode, and Storage Mode.

  • Listed means the job is active and posted for students to view and apply. Departments must list jobs for a minimum of 7 days.
  • Review Mode occurs automatically after the job listing expires and employers are ready to review resumes and make hires. Review Mode de-lists the job and students can no longer apply. We highly recommend keeping the job in Review even after all the positions are filled.
  • Storage Mode is similar to deleting a job and making it inactive. Once a job is moved into Storage, all of the application materials are removed. We suggest not putting the job in Storage unless this job is no longer needed.
  1. Click the Applicants Name link for a full screen view of the applicant’s information, or hover over the magnifying glass to get a quick view.
  2. Click the Resume link to view the document in a new window.
  3. Departments are able to contact candidates and reject applications through JobLink.
  4. It is best practice to contact all applicants.
  1. Click App# link from the job list on the control panel. Select Hire Applicant from the Actions drop down.
  2. From the next screen, the employees name and URID will appear. Click Check Employee ID.
  3. This will bring you to the validation screen. This will show the student’s FWS award, the status of their I-9, completion of the Confidentiality Training, etc.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Complete the Hire Request Form.
  6. The hire request will be sent to Student Employment for approval and will remain suspended until all pre-requisites are completed by the student.
  7. A confirmation email will be sent once the student is able to work.


  • The account number (FAO) for the job must have two capitalized alpha prefixes and six digits (e.g., OP123456). DO not enter any spaces or hyphens between the letter and numbers. You do not need to enter a spend category as these are assigned by Payroll.
  • Once submitted, you cannot edit this information. If you need to make an update, please contact the Student Employment Office.
  • If information is incorrect or incomplete, you will be notified. This can delay the processing of the hire.

The Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA) process must be completed in accordance with New York State Labor Law Section 195(1) for all employees at the University of Rochester. This process includes the notice and acknowledgement of the employee’s wage rate and designated payday, hourly rate, plus overtime, and the confirmation by the employee of his or her primary language to the employer. The employer is required to notify the employee of their wage rate, overtime rate, and designated pay day in their primary language, if their primary language is one of the following: Chinese, Haitian Creole, Korean, Polish, Russian, or Spanish.

Students and employers will be notified via email to complete the WTPA requirements. Students will need to log into JobLink and complete the necessary forms. If a student’s primary language is not English, departments must complete a paper WTPA with the student and send it to our office. These forms can be found in the Forms an Information on the JobLink homepage.

A pending status in JobLink can mean several things:

  • A student has not completed their I-9.
  • A student has not completed their WTPA or Missed Meal Acknowledgement.

Once a position is complete (e.g., student graduates, assignment ends, student resigns) all employers need to terminate their students to remove them from HRMS.

Termination forms can be found on the employer home page in JobLink under Forms and Information. Please be sure to include the Job ID and the URID of the student on the form.

Terminations should be submitted when a student graduates, takes a leave of absence, studies abroad, etc. A rehire form can be submitted when/if a student returns to the University.

Students can be rehired into previously held positions without creating a new placement. Rehire forms can be found in the forms section on the employer home page. Please be sure to include the Job ID and the URID of the student on the form.

To change the account number (FAO) for your student employee(s), submit an Account Change Form to our office. The forms are located in the Forms and Information section in JobLink. Account changes can only take effect for current and future pay periods.

Each department can and SHOULD check their hires regularly to ensure the end dates are accurate. There are two easy ways to do this:

  • Use the Hire Archive. This feature is located under the Access and Audit Tab in JobLink. Employers can search by student, by job number, etc. Using the Hire Archive will also display the FAO, supervisor, timekeeper, and all the other details listed on the hire.
  • Pull a report. This feature is located under the Reporting Tab in JobLink. Employers can pull a full report of all hires, both active and inactive. The reports will show students, job numbers, start and end dates.

If you need to make updates to your hires, submit a rehire form or send us a spreadsheet with the updated information, i.e. end dates, FAO’s, etc. Please note, international students work authorization is determined by dates on their I-9 and may require reverification before employment is extended.

Departments can also utilize HRMS to check your hires. There are numerous reports that can provide lots of information from timekeeping to payroll summaries.

Need to know your students’ class year, I-9, and training information? Use the Supervisor Search Student feature under the JobX Tab.