Federal Work Study

How does it work?
The Federal Work Study Program (FWS) is a federally funded financial aid program available to US citizens and permanent residents. The program assists students with the cost of their college education by providing a subsidy to employers for part-time student employment. Through FWS, the federal government pays anywhere from 45% to 100% of a student’s wages and is split between the government and the employer. Keep in mind FWS is split between all positions. If a student has more than one job, the FWS funds will deplete much quicker. Students should notify employers if they have more than one job.

Who is eligible?
Students must qualify based on their financial aid by applying for financial aid through the FAFSA. FWS comes with rules and regulations for student and employer eligibility. To comply with the law, the University has established guidelines and processes which must be followed by both students and employers. The University awards FWS for the academic year only. Departments are responsible for 100% during the summer months.

For 2019–2020, Federal Work Study subsidy rates are as follows:
With the exception of the LEAP program, the subsidy is based on where the student is enrolled, not where the student is working.

  • The College: 45%
  • Eastman: 75%
  • School of Medicine and Dentistry: 75%
  • LEAP Program: 100%

For more information, speak with your financial aid counselor and check your award distribution in JobLink (via Blackboard). Employers can also view students’ FWS award in JobLink (via HRMS). All FWS awards are updated in JobLink after each pay period.