What if the career path you want goes beyond your bachelor’s degree and requires graduate or professional education? Or, what if your interests in college involve pursuing two entirely different degrees at different colleges at Rochester? Through each Professional Degree Program, you’re granted a two-for-one deal: two simultaneous offers of admission from one application.

The selection process for each program is competitive with a thorough pre-screening review process. But it’s not all or nothing—if you’re not selected as a finalist, you can still have your application considered for general admission to the College.

First-Year Deadlines

Program Deadline
REMS November 15
GEAR, DDE December 1
GRADE, HEAL, DDN January 5

Transfer Deadlines

Program Deadline
GEAR, GRADE March 15

Please note: There is no separate application supplement for any of the Professional Degree Programs. To be considered for one of these programs, indicate the program you’re applying for in your Common Application. Counselors will consider your entire application along with any additional supporting materials (transcripts, recommendations, etc.).

Combined Admission Programs

Combined-Admission Programs (CAPs) combine a bachelor’s degree with a graduate/professional degree in education, engineering, or medicine. Rochester’s CAPs—among just a few such programs in the country—can help you get where you’re going faster and achieve success along the way. These programs:

  • Eliminate the graduate/professional school entrance exam requirement.
  • Grant simultaneous admission to both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
  • Get your foot in the door through early involvement with exclusive events, mentoring, and networking.

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Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree Programs combine a bachelor’s degree with a second bachelor’s degree in music or nursing. You’ll pursue a degree of your choice while also pursuing a degree at the Eastman School of Music or the School of Nursing. These programs:

  • Allow you to pursue two bachelor’s degrees at two prestigious institutions.
  • Grant focused counseling from advisors and access to premier research facilities.
  • Give you the freedom to choose which campus to call home.

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