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Dates & Fees

The program fees for the Pre-College Programs will vary depending on the program you are applying for.  The breakdown of costs and fees are outlined below.  In addition, we award a limited number of students financial assistance on the basis of financial need.

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“My child learned how to be independent and responsible. She definitely needed this taste of college so it won’t be so new and overwhelming once she finally enrolls in college!”

 –Pre-College Parent

Intensive Studies
Hajim Engineering Program July 12-30, 2021 $3,350 May 15, 2021
Fundamentals of Extended Reality July 12-30, 2021 $3,350 May 15, 2021
Business Bootcamp July 12-30, 2021 $3,350 May 15, 2021
Non-Credit Courses
Non-Credit Session A July 12-23, 2021 $850 May 15, 2021
Non-Credit Session B July 26-30, 2021 $500 May 15, 2021
Credit Courses
Credit Courses, Summer Semester A1 May 24- June 18, 2021 Cost per credit hour- $998 May 20, 2021
Credit Courses, Summer Semester A2 May 24- July 2, 2021 Cost per credit hour- $998 May 20, 2021
Credit Courses, Summer Semester B1 July 6- July 30, 2021 Cost per credit hour- $998 July 1, 2021
Credit Courses, Summer Semester B2 July 6- August 13, 2021 Cost per credit hour- $998 July 1, 2021
Credit Courses, Fall Semester August 25- December 12, 2021 Cost per credit hour- $1,818 August 19, 2021 (Application opens August 16)

Class sizes are limited: Be sure to apply early. Classes will close once they reach capacity.


Returning Students Taking Credit-Courses: Students enrolled in credit-courses from the previous semester are not required to re-apply. Do not open or complete a new application. Please send an email to with your UR Student ID, the course you want to take, and we will get you enrolled for the new semester. No application fee is required.


While Rochester’s Pre-College Programs cannot guarantee participants’ admission to the University of Rochester or its Combined Degree Programs (REMS, GEAR, GRADE), successful participation will enhance a student’s resume, which may prove beneficial when applying to selective universities.

Financial Aid

Pre-College Programs operates independent of the University’s Financial Aid Office. Minimal financial aid is available and we do not guarantee that all eligible applicants will receive aid. Financial aid is awarded on a first come first served basis to families with demonstrated financial need.


In determining financial need, all required supporting documentation is described on the 2019-2020 Pre-College Programs Financial Aid Application will be reviewed. If aid is awarded, it will be disbursed to one student accepted to Pre-College Programs per family. To be eligible for financial consideration, please submit the Financial Aid Application along with all required documentation no later than April 1, 2021.


Financial Aid will not cover total student expenses (travel to/from Rochester, NY, etc.) and students are encouraged to see other funding sources. The aid a student may receive is non-transferable between sessions and will be applied to the program the student has been accepted in to.  On-campus extracurricular activities are included in the program fee. For Non-Credit Courses classes, all supplies including books and meals are included in the price of tuition.



Additional Fees

  • $60 non-refundable application fee
  • Additional fees (books, supplies, etc.) apply for credit courses
  • Extra fees for extracurricular off-campus events may be required


Refund Policy

  • No refund will be given to anyone dismissed from the program
  • Notification of the inability to attend a Pre-College Program must be in submitted in writing to:
  • Refunds for credit card payments are credited to the cardholder’s account for programs (except for credit bearing course):
    • Before May 14, 2021: 50% of total cost of program
    • May 14, 2021 or later: no refund

University of Rochester Pre-College Programs reserves the right to cancel or combine any course or program for which enrollment is insufficient or for other administrative reasons. Instructors and courses are subject to change, pending sufficient enrollment. Facilities and equipment, including software, are also subject to change.

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