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Why Rochester?


At the University of Rochester, students pursue only what they’re interested in. With Rochester’s Pre-College Programs, high school students get that same freedom. Students make significant contributions to campus, foster respect for other cultures, and bring unique perspectives to the classroom.


University faculty, graduate students, and esteemed local educators teach classes and are committed to cultivating the minds of young students. With small class sizes, instructors mentor each student and give valuable insights into the theories, technologies, and principles of their field.


Explore the University, broaden your educational experience, sharpen academics skills, and learn more about who—not just what—you want to be.

Students who participate in Pre-College Programs…

Get a true sense of college life.

Increase appreciation of cultural diversity.

Learn in a rigorous and enjoyable environment.

Gain new perspectives on academic abilities and potential.

Build lasting relationships with peers.

Explore career possibilities.

As a community member of the University of Rochester, we are committed to ensuring our programs are ever better through its Vision and Values.

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