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International Baccalaureate and Rochester

Are you currently in the International Baccalaureate program, either taking a couple classes or going for the full IB Diploma? If you enjoy your IB program, chances are Rochester has the college experience you are looking for.

IB at Rochester

Rochester shares the values of IB

The International Baccalaureate program facilitates a broad and deep curricular exploration of the intersections between disciplines and gives students opportunities to demonstrate intrinsically motivated, self-directed learning through research. Students at Rochester stay engaged with their learning in the same way through our unique curricular structure.

We offer scholarships

The University of Rochester offers scholarships to students completing the IB Diploma in recognition of how rigorous your coursework is. This is one of many merit scholarships available at Rochester.

Use your predicted IB scores

Take advantage of our test-flexible policy by using your predicted IB scores in lieu of SAT/ACT scores on your application.

Get college credit

Students who score a 5 or better on Higher Level exams will receive course credit. We’re also currently investigating the capability to provide credit for Standard Level coursework.

IB Conference

Rochester has hosted the IB World Student Conference twice on our campus; once in 2015, and again in 2017. We’re thrilled to have been able to offer students from the US and countries abroad the opportunity to spend a week together on our campus finding common ground despite geographic difference, and to bond over the facets of IB. Conference themes have been “Game Changers: Finding Solutions Through the Instinct to Play” and “Defining and Defying Boundaries.”

IB Graduates

Rochester’s highly flexible curriculum is tailor-made for International Baccalaureate students who carry a breadth of understanding and interests across academic disciplines. You and your goals are at the center; not a “core curriculum” or a “general education” program. Beyond the classroom, our students are encouraged to engage in a broad range of in-depth research.

Learn how previous International Baccalaureate students have taken advantage of the opportunities at Rochester:

Gil Beatriz

Beatriz Gil Gonzales

Class of 2019
Political science, economics, international relations, Chinese

How has the overall experience at Rochester been for you in terms of adjusting to the community and staying stimulated and engaged?

Being an IB grad has really helped me to adjust into the Rochester community. During IB, I learned that IB is not just a curriculum; IB is also a metaphor for college and even life. Similar to IB, college consists of always challenging yourself and trying to reach your full potential. For example, I am involved in eight different clubs, and I am an e-board member on two of them. This year, my sophomore year, I have also become an RA as a way of being able to contribute to the Rochester community and to help the first years transition into the University.

How have you taken advantage of the Rochester curriculum?

The Rochester curriculum really reminds me of the IB curriculum. In IB it’s not just relevant to be a good student in your HL; you also need to perform well in your SL, and even more importantly, you have to be able to succeed through CAS or TOK. In this way, you acknowledge other cultures, religions, and others who are different from you, and bring everyone together into a globalized community. The University of Rochester cares about their academic curriculum. You are able to complete multiple majors, minors, and clusters, but at the same time they have a sense of community and acceptance. In this way, you are able to have different academic focuses and pursue all of your interests.

Have you gotten involved in any research? If so, what is your project about?

I am going to get involved in research this year. I am probably going to be doing a project about the presidential elections in Mexico. In addition, my first semester of my first year I did an internship in the Rochester office of Senator Gillibrand, and during my first summer, I did two internships: one with the mayor of Leon (north of Spain) and one with the Consulate of the Dominican Republic in Spain.

Why did you choose Rochester?

The main reason why I chose Rochester is because of the academic flexibility. I personally love political science, but I also wanted to have a well-rounded experience, and like in IB, challenge myself to explore more areas. The University of Rochester’s environment encourages you to become ”ever better” through the curriculum, allowing me, for example, to pursue a double major in political science and economics, as well as a double minor in Chinese and international relations. At the same time, however, Rochester knows that in order to be a multi-dimensional person, there needs to be more than just purely academic opportunities. They implement this is many ways, from providing more than 250 clubs and organizations on campus to numerous volunteer opportunities in the greater Rochester community. Personally, my highlight would be that I have become the President of Class Council 2019 and a senator, while I am also a member of Salseros. This way you can use diverse experiences to meet people, have fun, and contribute to your curriculum at the same time.

Miriam Vakhitova

Miriam Vakhitova

Class of 2019
Film and media studies, English

How has the overall experience at Rochester been for you in terms of adjusting to the community and staying stimulated and engaged?
Adjusting to the University of Rochester community has been easy for me mostly because I am used to the change of a school or even a country. Once I arrived on campus, I immediately felt like I could call Rochester my new home. Engaging in different activities and events during the Orientation week helped me to truly get familiar with the school spirit and become a full member of the University of Rochester community.

How have you taken advantage of the Rochester curriculum?

I love the University of Rochester curriculum. I have a freedom to take the classes I’m interested in, but at the same time, I love the fact that I can also take classes from other divisions to fulfill my degree requirements. I like the diversity of classes I end up taking every semester. I am a humanities double major (film and media studies and English) with a passion for economics and computer science. The unique curriculum of University of Rochester allows me to cluster in those subjects and take three classes for each division (social sciences and natural sciences).

Why did you choose Rochester?

I chose the University of Rochester for a number of reasons. First of all, I loved the idea of a flexible curriculum that gives me freedom to study what I’m passionate about. Secondly, I was looking for a medium-sized school in a suburban area of the east coast. Thirdly, I heard a lot about the diversity and research opportunities that this school offers. After thorough research about the University of Rochester I applied Early Decision and I’m glad I did. I never regretted my choice of coming here and I wouldn’t choose any other school.

Ndlovu Junio

Junior Ndlovu

Class of 2017
Philosophy, political science, economics

How has the overall experience at Rochester been for you in terms of adjusting to the community and staying stimulated and engaged?

The experience has been great. It is pretty much what I expected coming in. I have made a couple of friends and created social networks that I believe will last for a lifetime. The community is very welcoming and considerate, especially of students coming from abroad. This made the Rochester experience much more enjoyable.

How have you taken advantage of the Rochester curriculum?

Yes. The Rochester open curriculum enabled me to be a triple major student. Doing this in most colleges in the US is virtually impossible because of the core curriculum requirements that are absent in the Rochester curriculum.

Have you gotten involved in any research? If so, what is your project about?

I am currently working on my honors thesis in philosophy in which I am articulating the immorality of the economic inequality in the United States.

Why did you choose Rochester?

The curriculum. I just didn’t want to be forced to take classes I had little to no interest in.