Tuition & Expenses

Estimated Cost Breakdown: 20212022

Keep in mind that tuition, fees, and room and board are direct costs to the University. In other words, you will receive a bill from the University of Rochester with those items listed as charges. Books, supplies, transportation, and other expenses are indirect costs. You won’t receive a bill from Rochester with those items listed, but we realize that students do have those additional items as expenses, and so we include them in your estimated costs. Indirect expenses can be less depending on how well you budget during the academic year.


Item Cost
Tuition $58,276
Fees $1,068
Room & Board $17,456
Indirect costs (books, supplies, etc.) $1,310
Transportation* $300
Other expenses $1,080
Total $79,490

*Standard travel listed. Higher travel allowances exist for international students and most out-of-state residents.

The room and board (meal plan) items in your cost of attendance are impacted by your housing status, with on-campus, off-campus, and commuter students having substantially different room and board allowances. For students who live in campus housing, room and board items in your cost of attendance can also vary based on what housing unit you are assigned to.

The cost of attendance for each housing unit will take into consideration differences in the room rent charges you will be billed for, as well as the meal plan (board) options that you have to choose from based on your housing assignment. Financial aid eligibility is based on students taking the minimum-cost meal plan option available to them, with different housing units having different minimum-cost plans. To learn more about how housing and meal plan options can impact your costs and aid eligibility, we encourage you to take advantage of an interactive Housing and Meal Plan Research Tool. This tool gives you the opportunity to explore your options further based on your individual circumstances and preferences. You are also encouraged to contact your financial aid counselor with further questions after using the Research Tool.

Adjustments to Fall 2020 Semester Board Expenses: Students traveled home at the Thanksgiving break and completed the fall 2020 term online. The cost of the fall board expense was updated to reflect the fact that students were no longer able to use their meal plans while finishing their semester at home. The individual costs for the term were less by roughly $300 to $500, depending on the actual meal plan assigned.