Tuition & Expenses

Estimated Cost Breakdown: 20202021

Keep in mind that tuition, fees, and room and board are direct costs to the University. In other words, you will receive a bill from the University of Rochester with those items listed as charges. Books, supplies, transportation, and other expenses are indirect costs. You won’t receive a bill from Rochester with those items listed, but we realize that students do have those additional items as expenses, so we include them in your estimated costs. Indirect expenses can be less depending on how well you budget during the academic year.


Item Cost
Tuition $57,188
Fees $1,020
Room & Board $17,144
Indirect costs (books, supplies, etc.) $1,310
Transportation* $300
Other expenses $1,080
Total $78,042

*Standard travel listed. Higher travel allowances exist for international students and most out-of-state residents.