Printable Forms

Below are our most commonly required documents. Students should review the Required Documents tab in FAOnline* because not all forms are required for all students. Submit completed forms to the Financial Aid Office. The document(s) will then be scanned and added to your application. It will appear in the Required Documents tab as “Received” within one business day of submission.

Contact our office with questions regarding either your application or the forms listed below.

*Students applying to the University are offered access to FAOnline once they are admitted and have an aid offer to review. Prior to being admitted, prospective students are emailed about missing documents.

Current students, remember to double-check FAOnline for which forms you may need to submit. Prospective undergraduates can contact our office to confirm what they may need to submit or watch their email for requests.

*Before submitting this form, speak with your financial aid counselor about your current relationship with your non-custodial parent. Requests to waive the Non-Custodial Parent’s CSS Profile are not guaranteed to be approved; it’s best to speak with a counselor before pursuing this option.