Non-Matriculated Student

Non-matriculated students at the University of Rochester are not eligible to receive either University, federal, or state funding as they are not accepted into a degree seeking program. The only available type of aid available to these students are alternative educational loans.

Alternative Educational Loans

These educational loans are offered by banks and educational lenders. Alternative loans may also be referred to as private educational or supplemental loans, as they are not affiliated with federal or state loan programs.

International students will most likely need to secure a private/alternative loan with a U.S. cosigner. If you do not have a U.S. cosigner, please try to obtain a loan through a bank in your native country, especially if they offer students loans in the United States.

Please note: We do recommend that non-matriculated students speak to a financial aid counselor first before pursuing alternative loans.

Review additional information on the Alternative Educational Loan option on the Loans page.