The following are frequently required forms to complete your financial aid application. You can always confirm what documents are required of you by logging in to FAOnline and reviewing the “Required Documents” tab. Any documents listed as “Not Received” are required.

The UR filing code is 002894. The FAFSA is used to help determine your eligibility for all federal aid programs.

There is a useful tool on the FAFSA called IRS Data Retrieval, which simplifies the application process for you. Follow the instructions on the FAFSA to take advantage of this option. You can also view our IRS Data Retrieval Process video to learn how to update your FAFSA using this option. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this option when submitting your FAFSA.

Our school code is 2928. The CSS Profile helps to determine your eligibility for institutional need-based grants.

Not all students are required to complete the CSS Profile. Our office will email you about your requirements in December. If you do need to complete the CSS Profile, visit the College Board.

A CSS Profile is used to help determine eligibility for need-based University funding.

A CSS Profile is required from both of your biological parents when they are divorced, separated, or were never married. Complete this requirement as instructed during the CSS Profile submission process. 

In addition to the FAFSA and the CSS Profile, some students may be required to provide additional documentation to the College Board’s Service, including institutional forms and relevant tax information.

If you are required to send your application to IDOC, you will be emailed by both the Financial Aid Office and the College Board.

To ensure that you receive IDOC correspondence, please add,, and domains to the safe senders list on your email system.

If you have questions regarding the IDOC process, visit the IDOC’s Frequently Asked Questions section on the College Board. You can also check out their IDOC Tutorial or call them at 1 (866) 897-9881. If you have further questions about the IDOC process at Rochester, feel free to contact your financial aid counselor.