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Student Last Name Counselor Email
A–Bh, Lp – Maj, San–Saz Dominique Williams Hill
Chow-Fe, Md-Me Holly Kisler
Fg-Fz, Mb-Mc Amanda B. Carter
Ga-Gin, Rb-Ren Hali Skaggs
Gio-Har, Si-Sm Ashley Johnston
Sn-To Kendall Knight
Has-Kim Allison Warner
Bow-Brow, Kin-Li, Se-Sh David Rocca
Cb-Chee, Mas-Maz, Mf-Pa Christian Pierce
Chef-Chov, Mak-Mar, Pb-Ra, Reo-Rim Carrie Welch
Bi-Bov, Lj-Lo, Rin–Ron, Tp-We Christina Schmidt
Brox-Caz, Roo-Sam, Wf-Z Patrick Hennessey
Specialized Population Counselor Email
Handler, Brady, Farash, Posse, Dual Degree Eastman,
domestic Renaissance scholars, VA, ROTC, Take 5 & e5
Shalena Clary
HEOP Dominique Williams Hill
International undergraduates & graduates
(including international Renaissance scholars)
Lucinda Snyder
Canadian & Mexican citizens Christian Pierce
Post-Bac Pre-Health & School of Nursing Kendall Knight
Simon Business School & GAANN Shalena Clary

Your financial aid counselor

We encourage you to correspond directly with your financial aid counselor. Counselors for undergraduate and graduate students are assigned based on the first letter(s) of your last name, as illustrated in the table above, with the exception of students in more specialized programs (Specialized Programs section in the table).

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The Financial Aid Office

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Fax: (585) 756-7664

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8:30 am–5:00 pm

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