Appeal Process

The Financial Aid Office reviews appeals when there has been a change in your family’s circumstances.

To start an appeal, submit:

  1. An Appeal Request Form
  2. A detailed letter explaining the situation
  3. Any relevant supporting documentation

Your appeal should address changes in circumstances, unusual expenses, special situations, or additional information not already presented in your financial aid application. To start the appeal process, contact your financial aid counselor. They will go over the process and provide you with any paperwork that you need to complete (this includes the Appeal Request Form).

Two things to keep in mind:

  • Submitting a financial aid appeal does not guarantee additional need-based aid. However, your counselor will be happy to discuss other financing options with you, including additional non-need-based loans.
  • Because appeal approval is not guaranteed, you must still pay any bills owed at the time of your appeal by the billing due date.

This video helps alleviate confusion surrounding the appeals process:

If you have questions or want to start the appeals process for reconsideration of an award, contact your financial aid counselor.