Meliora letters spelled out in front of Rush Rhees Library

Deadlines & Decisions

It’s important to meet the application deadlines for ideal financial aid packaging and scholarship decisions. You must submit all materials by the dates below. All mailed materials should be postmarked by the dates below (they do not necessarily have to reach our office by these dates).

We understand that recent hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters, personal circumstances, and strife have made it difficult for students to meet deadlines and our thoughts go out to those affected. If you have been affected by these events, please contact us for a deadline extension.

First-Year Application Deadlines

Application Notification Reply
Early Decision I November 1 Mid December Within 3 weeks of notification
Early Decision II January 5 Early February Within 3 weeks of notification
Regular Decision* January 5 April 1 May 1

* To be given highest scholarship consideration, please send all application materials to Rochester by December 1.

Combined Degree Programs Deadlines

Application Notification Reply
REMS November 15 April 1 May 1
GEAR, GRADE, HEALDDE, DDN December 1 April 1 May 1
Transfer Fall GEAR, GRADE, HEAL March 15 Rolling basis (April-May) Specified in decision letter
Transfer Spring GRADE October 1 Rolling basis (October-November) Specified in decision letter

Transfer Application Deadlines

Application Reviewed by Admissions Notification Reply
Fall Semester March 15 (priority consideration)

June 18 (closes for submission)

June 22 (material accepted until)

4–6 weeks (March–June) Rolling basis (March–early July) 3-4 weeks, date specified in decision letter
Spring Semester October 1 (priority consideration)

December 1 (closes for submission)

December 3 (material accepted until)

4–6 weeks (September–December) Rolling basis (October–Early December) 3-4 weeks, specified in decision letter

Early Decision I & II

The early decision (ED) application process is designed for first-year applicants who are certain Rochester is their first choice school. Almost one-third of the entering class applied ED. By applying ED, you are entering a binding agreement committing to Rochester if you are admitted.

In recent years, we have seen a higher number of students apply and gain admission to Rochester through ED because, in large part, they have demonstrated an understanding of Rochester and the unique opportunities available. It’s not that they gain admission more often because they applied ED; it’s that the type of student more likely to gain admission is the type of student to apply ED.

Applying Early Decision

You must submit your application by November 1 (ED I) or January 5 (ED II).

Students who have originally applied regular decision (RD) may contact the Office of Admissions to have their application switched to ED II as long as they do not have an active ED application at another institution.

You, your parent/guardian, and a school counselor must complete and sign the Early Decision Confirmation Agreement in the application portal you’ve chosen.

You can only apply early decision to one institution.

Early Decision Notification

ED applicants are notified earlier than regular decision applicants: in mid-December (ED I) or early February (ED II).

If admitted ED, you are required to enroll at Rochester and withdraw any applications submitted to other schools. If denied ED, you will not be reconsidered with the regular decision pool.

A few ED applicants’ decisions may be postponed (or deferred) if we feel we need additional information to make a final decision and, therefore, will be reconsidered for admission along with the regular decision pool.

Financial Aid and Early Decision

Early decision applicants receive the same consideration for financial aid as regular decision applicants. The Net Price Calculator can help you determine if early decision is a viable option for you.

ED students submit the same forms that a regular decision applicant would submit—the deadlines are just earlier. The FAFSA (school code 002894) and CSS PROFILE (school code 2928) will need to be submitted by December 1 for ED students to be considered for need-based financial aid.

Your financial aid package will be emailed to you in late December (about 5–10 business days after your admissions decision).

All applicants to Rochester are eligible and automatically considered for merit scholarships.