You may think you’ve applied, but have you?

If you are applying for REMS, REBS, GEAR, or GRADE, have you…

1)  Submitted your entire application?
(Common Application, Common Application Supplement, ninth–present grade transcript, counselor and teacher recommendations, and SAT and/or ACT scores)

2)  Completed the “Combined-Admission Programs 2010-2011” supplement?

If any of these items are missing, you will not be considered an applicant and we may not know that you are interested in applying.

So what is CAPs or the Combined-Admission Programs?

These programs were designed for those students who are interested in a career in medicine, business, engineering, or education.  They offer focus and accessibility towards these goals by combining the undergraduate and graduate school application in one process.  In order to be considered for these programs, you will need to submit your application to the University of Rochester, along with the CAP supplement.  Your application will be reviewed for admission to the College and the corresponding UR graduate/professional school.  Each program is different based on its expectations and the opportunities they provide, but here are some common perks among all of them:

1)  No graduate entrance exam required!

You know how you hated studying for the SATs, ACTs, and all of those other standardized tests throughout high school? Well, surprise surprise—if you’re thinking about continuing your education after your bachelor’s degree, get ready for more. The MCATs (medicine), GMATs (business), and GREs (other graduate programs) are often more expensive as well, as they require a lot of time to prepare. But if you’re admitted to any of the CAPs, you are automatically exempt from having to take them. (You’ve already been admitted!)

2)  You’ll have the red carpet treatment in the area of study you’re pursuing.

  • REMS students will have access to special hands-on clinics and research opportunities
  • GRADE students are invited to exclusive book talks and speaker series in addition to a 25% tuition scholarship each year
  • GEAR has a 75% scholarship for the fifth year as well as access to special research facilities

All of these programs have specific advisors as well.

3)  CAP students have all of the same opportunities as other Rochester students.

Many universities offer early admission programs into their own graduate and professional schools. None of them offer the ability to also take advantage of the flexible Rochester curriculum. Students can study abroad, receive full consideration for scholarships, and even participate in special programs, such as Take Five!

To learn more about each program and tips for applying, check out our Professional Degree Programs brochure and post questions/comments here.

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  • I am an Indian citizen doing my grade 11 in the United Kingdom. Am I eligible to apply for the REMS Program? Apart from ACT, how many SAT subject tests are required?

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