What is the Multicultural Visitation Program?

Happy Holidays everyone! My name is Campbell Halligan and I am the Diversity and Outreach Coordinator in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Rochester. I actually graduated from Rochester in 2013 with a double major in English literature and psychology! I worked throughout my undergraduate years at the Office of Admissions in pretty much every position under the sun, including as a tour guide, senior interviewer, and administrative assistant. Obviously, I loved it so much that I couldn’t leave when I graduated, so now I help coordinate diversity-based programs on campus and do application outreach within the Rochester city school district. This is where my involvement with MVP comes into play.

MVP stands for Multicultural Visitation Program, and it serves as an opportunity for high school seniors from diverse backgrounds to gain a better understanding of what the University of Rochester is like, and how they will fit in here as undergraduate students. Participants get to experience Rochester on a more personal level, engaging in many of the same activities as current undergraduate students. This fly-in overnight visit allows those interested in possibly attending the University of Rochester to see for themselves how we craft a global village and foster academic and social growth.

Students learn about campus organizations at the Student Group Expo.

In addition to dining on campus and staying with an overnight host in a residence hall, MVP students are given a personalized campus tour, have the option to sit in on current classes, and participate in discussions with Rochester students about their college experiences. For many, this is a chance to learn about the kinds of resources that are readily available to incoming students from around the world. From student services, to athletics, to study abroad opportunities, MVP provides an eye-opening experience for seniors who are looking for global diversity in a highly ranked research institution.

Prospective students take photos of the Yellow Jackets as they perform at the Student Group Show.

Personally, MVP has opened my eyes as to how we define diversity in the modern college atmosphere. MVP is a structured event, but gives you the freedom to decide what and how you learn about us during your time on campus. Actually, it’s a lot like our open curriculum!

MVP participants at the Student Group Show.

Admission to MVP is a competitive process that will consider both academic and personal qualities. Travel assistance is available and will be determined on an individual basis.

Besides successfully submitting the online application, MVP applicants are expected to provide the following supporting materials…

  • High school transcript
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • Senior-year course list, indicating any college, Honors, AP, or IB courses
  • List of any academic awards or achievements received from ninth grade to present
  • A 200–500 word statement addressing the question, “Why are you considering the University of Rochester?”

MVP participants meet with Admissions counselors in Wallis.

When the online application becomes available in the fall, additional application materials can be faxed to 585-756-8480 or emailed to mvp@rochester.edu.

If you are thinking of applying to MVP and have questions about the application process or activities for next year, please contact me at campbell.halligan@rochester.edu. I’m here to help and I check my email approximately a thousand times a day!

MVP participants show off their Rochester gear.

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