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Attaining student employment is a common goal for college students. The University of Rochester Medical Center, Dining Services, Residential Life, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, libraries—there are numerous settings that offer student jobs. Let’s avoid that cliche idea of a broke college student!

Find a job through JobLink
JobLink is the main, and easiest, way for UR students to apply for a myriad of different types of jobs. JobLink is most often accessed through your Blackboard account. Once logged into JobLink, you can browse all of the available job positions that were posted by multiple departments around campus. Applying for a job on JobLink requires you to include your own resume (first to be uploaded onto the site), and then you can include your own message to the employer. I highly recommend writing this personalized message as you can highlight, in your own words, the important aspects of your past experiences or skills that are most relevant to the job position that you seek.

Along with your resume, you can also upload your own cover letter in order to strengthen your job application. Certain positions require a cover letter, so make sure to read the entire job description carefully before submitting an application. Many job descriptions will also include contact information, including an email address. I strongly advise you to send a follow up email to the contact in order to ensure that the employer has received your application and to let the contact know about your continued interest in the position. After you submit your application, you can view all of the positions that you have previously applied for. You can also view all of the job offers that have been made to you and all of the job searches that you have saved.

I found my first campus job through JobLink. My first job was at the call center in the Susan B. Anthony building. Through JobLink, I have also been hired as a dorm room host for high school students on college tours, an admissions blogger, and a clinical research technical assistant!

Get practice through Handshake
Another method that students can use to search for jobs and internships is Handshake. Handshake is an internship and job posting database that allows you to quickly apply for positions after just creating your profile, uploading your resume, and selecting the opportunity that you desire! You can search specific keywords, employers, and the location and duration of the position in order to hone in on the perfect job opportunity for you.

However, don’t be discouraged from a rejection. Many job rejections are simply because of the overwhelming number of applicants interested in a position that only has a limited number of spots available. Personally, I have faced many, many rejections before getting job offers. However, you will find yourself accepting a job offer to the position that will not only be a right fit for you but also help further your future ambitions.

Why work on campus?
Getting campus jobs has a myriad of benefits. First, if you qualify for work study, getting a job in college can help you lessen your financial burden. The more you earn as a student, the less you have to repay after you graduate. Even if you don’t have work study, you will make extra money to use while at UR!

Campus jobs also provide you with authentic work experience to familiarize yourself with jobs after college. With the variety of settings that you expose yourself to, you would not only be equipped with a multitude of skill sets, but each job also serves as an excellent way for you to expand your network.

Most importantly, working in college can improve your grades as a result of learning to organize your responsibilities and acquiring the time management skills needed to balance work and classes. However, make sure to prioritize your academic workload and not to overwork yourself by taking on too many hours at your job. Remember, although a college job is very important, we are students first!

With every job application you construct and every interview that you complete, you are always gaining experience and valuable practice for your future ambitions, not just for campus jobs but for the real world. Make sure to apply to all those job positions you’re interested in now!

About the author

Jasmine Moon

Hi, I am a member of the Class of 2021 majoring in neuroscience and minoring in social psychology! I'm from the small town of Orange, Connecticut, and I'm involved in the BCS & Neuroscience Undergraduate Council, Students Helping Honduras, and the Korean American Student Association (KASA). I hope sharing my experiences at UR can help you!

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