Two Down, One to Go: School of Nursing Update

This week, I began my third and final semester of nursing school. The day is filled with orientation, introductions and scheduling for the upcoming semester. The majority of our coursework is related to medical and surgical nursing in a variety of specialties. We will also have a community health experience and projects throughout the semester.

To finish the program, we will each do 100 clinical hours in an area of our preference. This is called our “Capstone” and we could be working in the operating room, oncology, primary care, etc. Those of you who are interested in the University of Rochester Dual-Degree Nursing program, please read my previous blogs about the program. I have had a challenging, eye-opening, and rewarding experience. The transition from my first degree to this second degree nursing program was made entirely manageable due to the support of the faculty both on the River Campus and at the School of Nursing. The rigorous academics at the University of Rochester River Campus prepared me to take on this accelerated degree program in nursing. I feel strongly that my previous degree in brain and cognitive sciences gives me a unique background which will supplement my future career as a nurse.

To learn more about the Dual Degree Program, please visit the Dual Degree Nursing site.

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