Top Five Spring Break 2019 Moments

Hi everyone! Now that spring break is over and we’re all back to the normal hustle and bustle of campus, I thought I might share what I did over break with you all. After going back and forth for over a month, I decided to *drumroll* go to New York City with my roommates! This visit was my first time ever in the Big Apple, and it honestly couldn’t have been better. What made it even more special (beyond the pure awesomeness of NYC) is that I got to spend even more time with my roommates. For a week, we were total tourists and ended up visiting most of the touristy places like Central Park, the MET, Times Square, the MoMA, M&M World, etc. Since it’s hard to pick my favorite memory from this trip, here are my top five spring break moments, featuring my roommates.

1. ‘A Starry Night’ at the MoMA

Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists of all time, and this break, I got a chance to see his most popular work, A Starry Night at the Museum of Modern Art. It was a surreal experience, as before this, I had only ever seen the painting in photographs or on TV, and to see it in person was just amazing. Even further, I got to see paintings by other awesome artists like Monet, Kahlo, Picasso and Dali, and it was overall, a 10/10 experience!

Such a neat moment!

2. The LEGO store at Rockefeller Center

Because I am a total kid at heart (and so are my roommates), we decided to go into the LEGO store at Rockefeller Center! And it was our lucky day because we all got to build our own characters using LEGOs and keep them as a reward for filling out a survey. Here is the whole roommate squad in the midst of a very heavy battle:

3. Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Though initially I was a little iffy about waiting for an hour to get food at a diner, I changed my mind the moment I entered Ellen’s Stardust Diner! A fun fact about this diner is that all of the waitstaff is made up of aspiring broadway actors/singers, and they all sing while serving food. Five minutes within getting seated, my friends and I got to hear the theme song from my favorite TV show, Friends, and I was in love with the place! Plus, the food was awesome, and our waitress even serenaded our table!

4. Dinosaurs!

As a big fan of Jurassic Park and Night at the Museum, I really wanted to visit the American Museum of Natural History (and so we did)! I got to walk around the dinosaur exhibits for multiple hours, and it was really amazing to see what these Jurassic creatures looked like! I also had the chance to see an exhibit that was donated by George Eastman, so that made the experience even better!

Both the dinosaur and Jess are trying to eat me, aah!

5. The National Museum of Math

As you all know, I am a huge nerd and absolutely love math! And so, we totally had to visit the National Museum of Math, or MoMath, while we were in NYC. I think the best part about this museum was that all of the exhibits were interactive and super fun. My favorites were the Hyper Hyperboloid, where you can form curved surfaces using straight lines by twisting the chair, and the Square-Wheeled Trike, which is a tricycle with square wheels. Overall, this museum really brought out my nerdy side, and I loved interacting with all of the cool exhibits there.

The Hyper Hyperboloid at the MoMath

Overall, this trip to NYC was one of the best trips I have ever taken and I’m so glad I had the chance to travel with my roommates! Here’s to looking forward to an ever better Spring Break 2020!

Fun Fact: That couch is worth $1 million

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