Three Things To Do After You Apply

Hello Everyone! My name is Caroline Boron, an admissions counselor here at the University of Rochester. While you all worked hard getting your applications in, our admissions counselors are diligently reviewing them so we can get decisions out to you all.

So while you’re waiting, what can you do to keep yourself sane? I’ve got three tips.


1. Double (triple) check your MyROC
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to keep track of your application’s progress is to check your MyROC account. Use it to make sure all your required items have been received. Logging in can also provide you with a few key pieces of information:

  • The email address of the admissions counselor who is reading your application. You can email your counselor to check on your application status. We are happy to answer your questions!
  • Your financial aid package. Chat with your financial aid counselor if you have any questions about it.

2. Avoid senioritis
Of course, you can’t simply sit by the computer all day and wait—you still have to graduate! One of the best things you can do is to continue working hard through the end of your senior year. It’s easy to turn off your brain once you’ve started hearing from colleges, and getting accepted can be very exciting! But keep plugging away in school by:

  • Completing your homework on time. Don’t let your grades slip—you have to give us your final semester grades.
  • Keeping your attendance up. These next few months may be some of the most memorable in your high school career, so don’t pass them up!
  • Continuing to participate in your extracurricular activities. Hopefully you’re involved in some activities that truly interest you and weren’t just padding for your application.

3. Visit in person or online
Connect with the University by visiting campus any time, even in the summer. Visiting campus, no matter which school, is a very proactive thing that prospective students can do to enhance their college search process. You have to be able to see yourself on the campus you’ll be spending the next four or more years of your life. Being on campus will bring up new questions that hadn’t considered. And you’ll have easier access to admissions counselors, financial aid counselors, coaches and faculty, and current students. Can’t make it to campus? Take a virtual tour or visit our YouTube channel.

We are looking forward to gaining an excited, energetic and incredible incoming class! Remember, our admissions counselors are always here to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to call, email, or chat with us on social media. We love hearing from you!

About the author

Caroline Boron

Hello! My name is Caroline Boron and I am an admissions counselor at the University of Rochester. I travel in the New England area, including Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and the Boston area of Massachusetts. I'm a Buffalo gal born and raised and enjoy going back to Buffalo to see my family and eating delicious chicken wings! I enjoy running and have run many half marathons (for fun!) and I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I'm excited to hear from you to let you know more about all that's happening at the University of Rochester!

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  • I have a son considering Univ of Rochester. His ACT is a bit below the average for your school but has a 4.0 with honors classes etc. Does the school consider leadership opportunities such as being part of National Honor Society for example?

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