The sun will come out tomorrow…

Just kidding, that already happened this week.  Winter is in full swing in Rochester and that means snow, snow, and more snow.  Yesterday’s weather was particularly interesting.  I woke up to 36 degrees and slightly rainy, so as any typical student at Rochester would think, “Oh hey, it’s warm out,” I donned a sweatshirt and my trusty Sperry’s and headed out for a day of meetings, swimming, and homework.  Working through the day and night, I headed for home around 3am (I really am a bad procrastinator) and to my amazement, it was now 20 and snowing…so much for the sweatshirt.

I may sound as if I’m complaining but really this is the type of weather I love.  I enjoy the cold and I love the fresh white snow on the ground.  I apologize for being a neglectful blogger, as this is my first post of the New Year, but my junior spring semester has been a swift kick to the nuts.  Last semester was sort of easy for me, so I upped the ante by taking a 5th unplanned class.  Let’s just say my workload has increased exponentially.  Nothing I can’t handle but this is certainly a change from last semester’s very relaxed pace.  Luckily, it seems as if the worst will be over in a couple weeks, as February is the most work-heavy month.

So if this is the first post you’ve ever read from me or on this blog you’re probably thinking, “This place sounds horrible,” but let me assure you that you are jumping to conclusions.  First off, I’m a cynic, so take all my comments with a grain of salt.  1 day of sun a week really means 2; me saying I have a lot of work is really meaningless because there is always someone who has more work than you and let’s face it, college isn’t supposed to be easy and relaxed anyway.  If it is, you’re probably doing it wrong.  What’s most important is that you’re taking classes that you truly enjoy.  That’s part of the reason I’m taking 5 classes this semester, there were some courses I wouldn’t get to take again that I just had to take now.  It also means I get to do more with my senior year, so why not work hard now, right?

Anyway, things are in full swing over here.  Two of my best friends are abroad which is sad (here’s your shout out Reese and Rigo) but my third best friend is still here so yay!  I’ve decided I’m going to participate in a triathlon this summer, so lots of swimming (I haven’t done that since high school, ouch) and running for me, along my usual activities.  I’m also attempting to teach myself German with help from my friend Vince.  This has led to an unusual amount of Rammstein and Oomph! in my life, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I must go now (lab report looms), but I will leave you with a picture of Rigo, Vince, and me (I’m in the middle), with me looking rather uncomfortable. Auf Wiedersehen!

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