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In preparation for the upcoming 2017 tax year, the Bursar’s Office will prepare the 1098-T form for distribution. Form 1098‐T contains information about qualified tuition and related expenses to help determine whether you (or the person who can claim you as a dependent) may take either the tuition and fees deduction or claim an education credit to reduce federal income tax. For more information, see IRS Pub. 970, Tax Benefits for Higher Education.

The University of Rochester must have your correct identifying number to file Form 1098‐T with the IRS and to furnish a statement to you. This will be one of two numbers:

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) (if you are not eligible for an SSN)

If we do not have your correct identifying number on file, you will receive an email from the Bursar’s Office requesting Form W-9S. Note: If you do not hear from the Bursar’s Office, you are not required to complete the W-9S.

Additionally, the Bursar’s Office asks that you log in to UR ePAY to view your billing address at the top of your statement. If this address has changed, please email with the old and new addresses. They are available Monday through Friday.

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Taxable scholarships and grants

  • Payments of taxable scholarships and fellowships to students who are nonresident aliens for tax purposes are reportable to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and are generally subject to withholding of US federal income tax. Taxable scholarships include any amount paid to an individual as a scholarship or fellowship grant that exceeds required tuition and fees.
  • Taxable scholarships are subject to withholding and are reported to each student on IRS Form 1042-S. Form 1042-S indicates the amount of the taxable scholarship and the amount of tax withheld. The withholding rate is 14% on taxable scholarships and fellowships paid to nonresident aliens temporarily present in the United States in “F,” “J,” “M,” or “Q” nonimmigrant status. Payments made to nonresident alien individuals in any other immigration status are subject to 30% withholding.
  • There may be no withholding if the payment of the scholarship/fellowship is exempt under a tax treaty between the US and the recipient’s home country. To determine the application of any tax treaties and the appropriate tax withholding, nonresident alien students must complete their tax record in Glacier (software administered by the University’s Payroll office). Form 1042-S will still be issued to report a student’s taxable scholarship or fellowship amount, even if the student is not subject to tax withholding because of the application of a tax treaty.
  • All nonresident alien students and scholars are required by federal government rules to file US income tax Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ with the IRS, even if they have no tax liability, and Form 8843, even if they have no income.

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