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Did you receive a Federal Work Study award in your financial aid package? Are you looking for a job on campus? Got questions? We can help! Allow us to answer your top five questions about student employment at the University of Rochester:


  1. Why should I get a job while I’m in college?
    Studies have shown that students who work on campus in college are more likely to stick around. Working on campus gives you a network of friends you might not have met otherwise, as well as staff members to support you while you complete your degree. Plus, the money you earn can help to cover the cost of textbooks and any other expenses along the way during your average semester at college.


  1. How does Federal Work Study work?
    Having work study means you have eligibility to earn a specific amount of funds that are subsidized by the government. If you have work study, you are a more attractive hire to many on-campus employers, because a portion of your pay is covered by the federal government! Keep in mind, though, that when you see work study on your financial aid package, that’s not aid that will come off the bill you receive from the Bursar’s Office. Instead, the money you earn is paid directly to you in a biweekly paycheck.


  1. How do I find a job on campus?
    We have an online system where students can search for jobs! It’s called FAJobLink, and it’s an excellent resource for students to peruse openings on campus. You can log into FAJobLink through your Blackboard account. The beginning of each semester is the best time to look, as that’s typically when employers are hiring. You can also talk to different staff members in different departments—networking is often a good way to meet prospective employers.


  1. What do I need to do to start working?
    Before you can jump on board and start your first day of work, there are some requirements to get out of the way. First, you need to complete an I-9. This is a two-part process. You can complete Part I online at Once you have completed Part I, call the Financial Aid Office to schedule an appointment to complete Part II with one of our friendly staff members. Part II does require official documents (check the list at the end of Part I once you’ve submitted the form), so be sure you have originals, and not photocopies.Next, you will need to complete the Wage Theft Prevention Act. This can be completed online via FAJobLink. Finally, once your record is in HRMS (check with your supervisor at your new job), you can start working.


  1. What’s the best part of working on campus at Rochester?
    There are tons of great perks to working on campus as a student here. Whether it’s the biweekly paychecks or the people you meet, working on campus can be a fun and fulfilling activity. Check out what our very own student workers had to say about it. Student employment is a great opportunity and can be a valuable part of your college career. Best of luck on the job hunt! 🙂

About the author

Patrick Hennessey

I am an alumnus of the University of Rochester, and I've worked in the Financial Aid Office as both a student worker and now a financial aid counselor. While at the University I was an English major, history minor, and also was involved with Greek Life. When I'm not slaving away over a hot keyboard, I'm usually at home writing, reading historical fiction and non-fiction, and playing my guitar.

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