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The number-one reason I chose the University of Rochester was the Dual Degree in Nursing (DDN) program. In this article, I’ll review the details of the program and explain the aspects of it that I appreciate the most.

Outside shot of Helen Wood Hall

Helen Wood Hall, the site of the School of Nursing


I applied for DDN as a high school senior. DDN is virtually early acceptance into the School of Nursing after completing a non-nursing undergraduate degree. Rather than hoping to make it into a nursing program after graduating from college, I already know that I have a spot at the University of Rochester. It is similar to other professional degree programs offered by the University, including DDE (music), GEAR (engineering), GRADE (education), HEAL (epidemiology), and REMS (medicine).

As a DDN student, I have several pre-requisites to complete, including microbiology, statistics, psychology, and nutrition. Some of these pre-requisites are online through the School of Nursing and some are just taken on the River Campus at the School of Arts and Sciences. I will graduate one semester early with my dance studies and public health degrees, then head to the School of Nursing for three more semesters of nursing courses (spring, summer, and fall). That’s how I’ll end up with three degrees in five years.

What I so enjoy about DDN is the following:

  1. The certainty of my enrollment in nursing school.
  2. The course flexibility (any major[s] of my choice!)
  3. The location (clinicals are at the celebrated University of Rochester Medical Center, right on campus, so no need to travel).
  4. The combination of a liberal arts education and a professional degree.
  5. The prestige of the program (only a few Rochester undergraduates are accepted each year).
  6. The access to incredible faculty with such intriguing research and experience.
  7. The option of online courses to complete the pre-requisites with ease.
  8. The chance to study abroad (this opportunity is quite rare among other nursing programs; I studied in London).
  9.  The extra year at a school I love!

The application for the DDN program is open until January 5. Learn more from the School of Nursing perspective. You do not need to apply twice, just through the Common Application or application portal of your choosing. Be sure to select that you are interested in a Dual Degree Program and you’ll write a supplemental essay about your interest and passion for the program.

If you’re interested in a career in nursing, I highly recommend checking out the DDN program and imagining your endless career opportunities following the completion of your two (or three!) degrees. Comment any questions you have below!

About the author

Charlotte Pillow

I am a member of the Class of 2019. I am originally from Ridgewood, NJ. I am a student in the Dual Degree in Nursing program. I am majoring in nursing, public health, and interdisciplinary dance studies, and minoring in psychology. I am the president of the College Diabetes Network and a research assistant at the School of Nursing. For the 2017 spring semester, I studied public health at the University of Oxford.

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  • Hi Charlotte,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and views about ROC DDN program. It sounds very attractive. How are the work loads compared with other regular programs? It more like 4.5 years instead of 5 year?


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