Senior Year Goals!

I can’t believe I only have a few months of college left! I know it’s cliche, but here are some of my goals for my last few months as an undergrad at the Rochester!


1. Enjoy my time with friends. This sounds like it should be obvious, but second semester of senior year ends up just being a little, not so subtle, reminder. Yes, you should always have grades as a priority but don’t let that make you neglect those who are important to you. People will always say they are busy, because yes we are busy college students, but keep following up with the people who are important to you and who you want to hang out with.

2. Get in more time at the gym. I tell myself this every year … or more like every day, but I mean it now more than ever. Next year, I will start medical school, which means I’ll be busier than ever before. I want to make being healthy and exercising a part of my daily routine. Actually, I don’t have to be at the gym to exercise. I want being active to be more of a priority for me because I know by next year, I won’t have time to think about it and it needs to be automatic.

3. Learn what I haven’t learned. College is all about learning, so learn! It’s not all just about taking classes. I don’t know how to play lacrosse but it is so popular and I want to learn … so I reached out to some friends who know how to play and they’ve been teaching me step by step every week. I wanted to learn how to ski, so a couple of friends took me skiing one weekend (and it helped that none of us have Friday class). But if there is something you want to do, start by asking your friends around you.

I guess all in all, when I graduate, I’m going to remember the little things. Staying up in the library until it closed, going sledding behind the Sue B. residence hall, running after the bus because I was late leaving my apartment in Riverview, winning the 5K challenge, and much more. I will of course take with me my education, but again, the little things will come to mind when I think about my U of R experience. I could go on and on.… Make memories, and make them last. (Yes, also applicable to you high school seniors out there!)

About the author

Alap Patel

I'm a member of the Class of 2015 and I'm from California. I'm pre-med with a major in health, behavior, and society and a minor in legal studies. I was also accepted into the Rochester Early Medical Scholars (REMS) program. I am on the UR Bhangra Team and in Delta Upsilon fraternity.

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