Senior Week Festivities

Although it may seem like a very long time before you are a senior in college, I promise you the time will fly. How can it not? You're having the time of your life in a city you love, surrounded by people you love, studying what you love. I wanted to give you a preview of some of the special ways in which the University and our student-run class council collaborates to spoil the seniors during our last week at Rochester before graduation.

"Senior week" is filled with free trips to the Seneca Park Zoo, a boat cruise on the Genesee River, and a day trip to Darien Lake theme park. Some of the Class of 2013's favorite events included the Finger Lakes Wine Tour, concerts at the Lilac Festival (pictured above), and the senior class picnic.

There are events every day of the week during the day and at night. Many of the events are free and free transportation is provided. Other events require tickets, such as Senior Ball, which was held at the Radisson Hotel in the City of Rochester. Transportation to and from the event was free. All food and beverages were included in the ticket price. It was a great night that was made very special for all of the graduating seniors and their friends.

Overall, I think senior week is a great example of the ways in which the University rewards students for their hard work and dedication to their academics and the Rochester community. There are countless restaurants, concerts, and sporting events to experience year-round for all students. More class-specific University sponsored events also take place year-round for all class years.

If you just graduated high school or college, what did you do to celebrate? Leave your comments below!

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