My Summer Plans, Summer 2014

In August, I’ll be traveling to Leh, Ladakh, India, where I’ll be working with Professor Nancy Chin on her smoking cessation research project. I’m so excited to have the chance to take my public health knowledge to the field and apply what I’ve learned.

Students work with community groups in Ladakh, India, each summer to promote tobacco awareness.

Over the spring semester, my research team, consisting of one medical student and six undergraduate students, have met with Dr. Chin weekly to read and discuss pertinent “community-based participatory research” articles, and plan what we hope to accomplish once we get to Leh. Specifically, I’ll be working with traditional healers, called amchis, and I’ll be interviewing them, learning more about the role they play in smoking cessation.

Undergraduate research, I know, is going to be a huge part of my University of Rochester experience. I’m excited to take my knowledge to the field. An international research experience is one few college students get, and I’m so happy the University of Rochester has provided me the opportunity to do so. I’ve also gotten grants from various offices at the University of Rochester, including a grant from the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender & Women’s Studies. The financial support Rochester has provided has also been important in making my dreams for clinical and community-based research a reality.

For more information, please check out the website for our undergraduate program in public health.



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Alap Patel

I'm a member of the Class of 2015 and I'm from California. I'm pre-med with a major in health, behavior, and society and a minor in legal studies. I was also accepted into the Rochester Early Medical Scholars (REMS) program. I am on the UR Bhangra Team and in Delta Upsilon fraternity.

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