Just Do It.

No, this isn't some advertisement for Nike, but there's something powerful about the three words that have become synonymous with the clothing company. I think that there are too many people in this world who have something they want to achieve, but for some reason or another, they never get around to it. Whether it's because they were too shy or afraid to speak up, they didn't know where to get started, or other things just got in the way, and many great ideas and chances to make something great happen go to waste. I'll give you an example from my life, since that's all I can really speak for.

How I Started My Own Jazz Combo

Music has always been an integral part of my life, and I express that through performance, writing, and simply listening. I have come to especially love jazz music over time, specifically the works of smaller jazz combos like the Miles Davis Quintet. However, my high school did not (and had not for over 30 years) have a jazz combo. We had other ensembles, like a big band, wind ensemble, and orchestra, but I had always wanted to perform with a five or six-person jazz combo.

When my senior year came around, I finally decided to make that wish come true. I ordered a few sheet music books, talked with friends about starting the group, and got approval from the school to start my own jazz combo. I was in charge of everything from running rehearsals to getting the band performance opportunities. We ended up being successful that first year, so the group has stayed together even after I and two other members graduated.

Putting together the jazz combo was a lot of work, but it paid off on many levels. We all became better friends and better performers, I became a stronger leader and organizer, and most importantly, I proved to myself that wanting something and going after it with hard work and determination is all it takes to make great things happen.

Don't let any opportunity become a missed opportunity. Just get out there and chase after what you want.


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