Introducing Me, Charlotte!

Charlotte PillowHello, everyone! My name is Charlotte Pillow. I was born in Manhattan and grew up in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Now, I am back in New York as a freshman at the University of Rochester. I plan to study public health, nursing, and possibly cluster in dance or psychology. I absolutely loved my first month of college and I’m excited for my next four years here. How did I end up choosing the University of Rochester?

Let me tell you what I was searching for in a college, and how Rochester met all the requests on my “college wishlist”:

1. Academics

My first set of criteria was academics. I knew I had a passion for helping others, especially in regards to healthcare. So I was mostly looking for a nursing program. However, I knew I wanted to explore my other interests, such as Francophone culture, religion, and psychology, and I was anxious that a nursing program would restrict me from pursuing those other interests.

The Dual Degree in Nursing program, and any dual degree program for that matter, is perfect for any student who wants to pursue a specific path of education while still discovering other academic interests. It really is the best of both worlds!

2. Dance activities

My second set of criteria was dance activities. I have performed ballet since age three and knew I wanted to continue. There is also an incredible dance program here. Whether it is through taking dance classes, joining performance groups, or simply being an audience member, there are many chances to get involved.

3. Religious and volunteer opportunities

My third set of criteria was religious and volunteer opportunities. Beyond dance, the University of Rochester offers an endless number of clubs. During Orientation, this will become clear to you during the activities fair. I found I could join religious clubs, volunteer groups, and even the squash team on a whim (I’m really loving it!).

4. A close-by Chipotle 🙂

My fourth set of criteria was definitely a Chipotle close to campus. And yes, at Rochester there is Chipotle, Moe’s, Insomnia Cookies, and Starbucks at the brand-new College Town next to campus.

Now, I knew the above information coming in, and perhaps you already do, too! So here are a few things I learned about Rochester after moving in:

1. Laundry is free!

I can put my quarters to good use somewhere else.

2. The tunnels

There is a whole network of tunnels to navigate to class underground, so we won’t freeze too much. I knew about these before applying, but I had not realized how neat they are. Student groups repaint and redecorate the walls every year.

3. Rush Rhees

Rush Rhees library (see some awesome “Photo Friday” pics by current students) is the most serene atmosphere on Earth (inside and out).

My favorite picture of Rush Rhees (ft. my brother and myself!)


4. The food

The food here is A+ in my book. There are multiple locations and types of food to choose from. As a Type I Diabetic and an average college student, availability of food is a big bonus.

5. The faculty

Maybe this is a given, but I am blown away by how intelligent and involved our professors are. Each professor I have met has been extremely talented in his or her field.

6. The sense of community

Lastly, everyone here is very, very kind. Come up and visit, and I guarantee you will get a smile, a held door, and a wave as you travel through this wonderful community.

About the author

Charlotte Pillow

I am a member of the Class of 2019. I am originally from Ridgewood, NJ. I am a student in the Dual Degree in Nursing program. I am majoring in nursing, public health, and interdisciplinary dance studies, and minoring in psychology. I am the president of the College Diabetes Network and a research assistant at the School of Nursing. For the 2017 spring semester, I studied public health at the University of Oxford.


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  • Hey Charlotte! This is so helpful and positive!! U of R sounds like an amazing place! I cannot wait to hear more from you as a blogger.

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