How Rochester Students Spend Spring Break

Every year around spring break, University of Rochester students are scrambling to finalize their plans and keep up with the current midterm season. Spring break this year at the University of Rochester was from March 817, giving students a little over a week from freedom from their rigorous class schedules. Here are some of the ways University of Rochester students spend spring break:

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  1. Service trips: Alternative spring break

Rochester students don’t let the cold weather stop them from making a positive difference in the world, both on and off campus. With traditions like Wilson Day, Be the Change Day, and MLK Jr. Day of Service, Rochester students are always eager to engage with service whenever possible. Spring break is no exception to this; students have the opportunity to create and/or participate in ‘Alternative Spring Break’ trips.

Alternative Spring Break trips are student-led engagements where Rochester students build relationships with community partners and both gain leadership experience and have a positive impact on the community they serve. With the support of the Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL), students are able to plan successful and meaningful service trips to spend their breaks helping and building relationships with those in need. Some examples of past trips are Habitat for Humanity in Newlad, NC; Catholic Newman Community in Frenchville, PA; and University of Rochester Christian Fellowship in Vero Beach, FL.

2. Visit family and friends

Rochester students come from all across the nation and the entire world, so spring break is frequently utilized as an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. To support students’ efforts to spend break at home, the Student’s Association Government organizes a shuttle program for students who are going home for break. Shuttles make round-trips to the airport and train station. These shuttles are especially convenient because they run on the Friday and Saturday that spring break begins and also run on the Sunday that break ends. Students can not only go home for the break worry free, but also save a little money as the shuttles are free to Rochester students.

3. Staying in Rochester is an option too

If home is too far away, you have too much work to do, or you just can’t get enough of the Rochester weather, many students also stay on campus/in Rochester or the NY area during spring break. While things on campus might slow down a bit, the city of Rochester is still thriving regardless of what kind of weather hits that week. Rochester is full of a lot of great outdoor sporting activities like skiing and hiking. If indoors is more your style, then take the chance to explore the city and find those hole-in-the-wall places that serve the best pizza or garbage plates.

But don’t limit yourself to the city of Rochester because you would have probably already done a lot of exploring there. New York City is only six hours away from Rochester and Toronto, Canada is only 4. If you have a car or can fare a Megabus or train ride, you can take the break as an opportunity to enjoy a new city or explore a different country.

Whether you choose to attend the University of Rochester or any other institution, I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

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