High School: Rochester. College: Uhhhh… Rochester?

Some might say that I am crazy for going to college in the same city that I went to high school in. “Why wouldn’t you want to get far away? See the world? Try something new?” I have been asked these questions by teachers, friends, even family. But with a university as well-known as the University of Rochester, I feel like I am not missing out on anything! I say everyone who ISN’T going to the U of R is missing out.

I have lived in the Rochester area my whole life: A place that gets hit with all extremes of the four seasons and where there is always something to do. The U of R has always been 15 minutes around the corner, so I have grown up in its shadows. Obviously, my interest in the college was going to come up at some point.

I still remember my first tour. Junior year, spring time, NERVOUS. But once I got there, my mind melted; melted into the beauty and wonder that hit me as soon as I laid eyes on the campus. My tour guide was unforgettable. His name was Alex. He had blonde hair, he was very tall, and he was a member of the Midnight Ramblers, one of the a cappella groups. Now that I think of it, every student who I have met has been unforgettable! It is just how welcoming and accepting everyone is. So anyway, back to the actual tour. There was so much to see! We walked all over campus. We learned the names of the buildings, the areas of classes, study, and food. And my favorite: we saw the dorms. I fell in love with them instantly! I toured the Residential Quad, where the floors were themed, the doors were open with students in their beds waving “hi” to the passing prospective students, and everything was CLEAN. I personally love clean.

You know, I still remember that at the end of the tour, I felt like I wasn’t in Rochester anymore. I felt like I was in a separate community, and I couldn’t wait to come back! So now I look back at why the U of R IS my dream school and I say: I get the benefits of Rochester while not feeling like I’m still in Rochester. I’m sure being 15 minutes away from home would still feel like being 2,000 miles away. Just one of the many benefits of the U of R!

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