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So, it’s that time: HELL WEEK. Also known as tech week or sleep week. But more appropriately…HELL. WEEK. Our showings of the school musical Once Upon a Mattress are this weekend: Thursday, Friday, and two on Saturday. So guess what this week consists of? Run-through after run-through with notes and touch-ups…pretty much anything that you can think of. We are tired and hungry and the drama is building up. It is inevitable. Even those who aren’t that dramatic have drama; however, there isn’t as much as in previous years, which is nice.

Basically, this is the hardest week, because from the time school ends to whatever hour in the night, we have rehearsal. No food, no sleep, no TIME. Whenever we get home is when we catch up on homework and eat and watch our favorite TV shows we miss…and finally when we sleep. ’Tis the life of theatre…. During school, if you go to the music wing, you will find blankets strewn about the floors of the choir room, the lights off, movies playing, and bodies. Mostly dead. Or so it seems. We all have to be careful about not getting sick, staying rested and healthy.

My fellow seniors and I have our research papers due soon and have to work on our portfolios. In AP Biology, we have tests and a big project. AP Calculus has started review, and other APs have as well. And worst of all, in AP English we are reading Crime and Punishment. GAH!! Of course my teachers pick this week to load us with it all! Even I have fallen a tad behind. I am up to late hours in the night getting stuff done, using potential sleep time to get my work (somewhat) completed. But it will all be worth it in the end! One more week, and then life will be normal again. I’m pretty sure everyone is very excited for our performances, too. I know I am! It is going to be the best show we have had since I have been here.

The ending of the musical will be happy, relieving, but also sad. It is my last high school production, and I will miss the rehearsals and all the fun that comes with acting, singing, and dancing. But after this is all over, it is just another landmark in time towards graduation! One by one, the major events of my senior year are being completed. Before I know it, we will be walking across stage getting our diplomas. I am still very excited for that! And of course, this also means I am that much closer to college.  =D

So, that’s it! All the fun and excitement of getting ready for my school’s musical! Summarized, of course. But now, I think I should use what hours I have left before school for SLEEP.  =P

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