Friday Night Live: Balance Between Work and Play

The University of Rochester is well known for a variety of things, but their Friday nights aren’t typically one of them. Staying true to its stereotype as a bit of a “nerd school,” many students might end up studying well into a weekend night. Some, of course, are actively engaged in the Friday night life, but this does not mean everybody by a long shot.

I’ll be honest; it has taken me a while to figure out how to achieve an acceptable balance of “working” and “chilling.” On one particular Friday, though, I thought I had found a good balance.

I had woken up to go to Starbucks (I work as a barista) and started my day off by greeting our customers of mostly students and some staff at the University. Then I had an executive board meeting for Creative Arts Club, lunch, and then some homework, before Creative Arts Club’s studio time was held. After relaxing while painting a large wooden University crest, I grabbed some dinner and assumed my responsibilities as a theatre manager at UR Cinema Group‘s first showing of The Nice Guys (starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling).

Eventually the next theatre manager showed up, and I handed off my responsibilities to them. Now, finally, I was able to enjoy my Friday! I had messaged two of my friends to meet up. One was playing a concert that night, and the other, whom I had promised to meet, was a fellow coworker and coincidentally was tasked with writing a review about that night’s concert for a class.

I arrived just in time to wish my friend in the band good luck and find another chair to add to my friend’s table.

Friday Night Live was just about to begin!

A-Much-Shorter Starbucks Show Promotional

As my friend was warming up, the rest of the students in Starbucks settled in their seats, trying to get that last bit of studying done before the music really kicked off. My friend got her notepad ready, as she was planning to take notes throughout the next 90 minutes.

The coffee makers quieted, and the lights dimmed; my friend and her band were in their element, and the various styles of music included something for everyone that night.

Once the “A-Much-Shorter Starbucks Show” was over, my friend walked off the make-shift stage and took a deep breath. The crowd was overwhelming, and they expected an encore. Everyone was pleased: my friend and her band, who were happy about their performance, my friend who knew what she would write about in her article, and me, as my Friday night finished with some enjoyable music as opposed to more studying. Even my coworkers on shift enjoyed what they had heard.

It was a Friday Night Live at Starbucks well done.

About the author

Jackie Heinzelmann

I'm an undergraduate of the Class of 2018 double-majoring in international relations and East Asian studies. As an international student from Switzerland, I've previously been part of Residential Life on campus, and I am currently holding executive board memberships for two clubs on campus. When I'm not busy getting ready for class, writing, or watching movies, I barista at the Starbucks on campus while simultaneously trying to juggle some cool research for political science.

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