First-Year Housing: Living in Genesee

Genesee Hall is the latest addition to the first-year housing at the University of Rochester. It opened in Fall 2017 and is currently home to 200 students, including myself. Here is a list of the perks of living in Genesee Hall!

Genesee Hall computer rendering

Rendering of Genesee Hall before it was built


1. Spacious rooms

Shot of a dorm room from the door, containing lots of floor space

So much room for activities!


Genesee Hall is comprised of single, double, and a few triple rooms. Each room comes with one bed, one desk with drawers, a bookshelf, a standing closet with drawers, and under-bed storage for each room occupant. Even with all that furniture, there is still plenty of space for extra chairs, bean-bags, and fridges. The best part is that every room has access to a large window to let sunlight and fresh air in.

2. Air conditioning

Genesee Hall is the only first-year dorm that has air conditioning throughout the entire building, including the residential halls. Each room has a temperature control panel that allows each student a way to control the temperature in their room.

3. Study rooms

Study room with a wall-mounted TV, long table, chairs

Each residential hall in Genesee Hall has its own study room toward the middle of the hall. Each study room has a television and two whiteboards, and furniture with wheels to be re-arranged however the students want.

4. Lounges

Lounge with couch, bar table and chairs, windows with a view of campus

Each residential hall in Genesee Hall has a lounge at the elevator end of the hall. Each lounge has a variety of furniture for all sorts of comfort needs in addition to a television. They are a great place for students to hang out and host hall events like movie nights or birthday parties.

5. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, CETL for short, has office space on the second floor of Genesee Hall. CETL offers a variety of tutor options and academic assistance for students. One of my favorite programs is the Sunday evening drop-in tutoring for key subject areas like natural sciences, computer science, and mathematics. CETL also host courses throughout the school year that teaches students vital studying and organization skills.

6. Athletic locker rooms

On the first floor of Genesee Hall, there are several locker rooms for the various sports teams at the University of Rochester. This is very convenient for student athletes because the football field is right in front of Genesee.

7. No traditions (yet)

The Class of 2021 is the first year to live in Genesee Hall, so there are no traditions or Genesee Hall-specific events yet. This may sound like a negative when compared to a culture-rich building like Susan B. Anthony Halls, but Genesee Hall is a great opportunity for people who want to be trendsetters.

8. Accessibility

Genesee Hall has an elevator at the end of every floor that is large enough to accommodate those in wheelchairs and walkers. The residence halls have wide doorways and at least two bathrooms specifically designed for individuals with wheelchairs.

When you come to Rochester, I hope you get the chance to check out this residence hall!

About the author

Sharifa Sharfeldden

Hello! I am a member of the Class of 2021, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am from Brooklyn, New York and I am involved in a variety of on-campus organizations and offices like the Gwen M. Greene Career Center as a Peer Career Advisor (PCA), the National Society of Black Engineers, and the Society of Women Engineers.

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