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When I decided to enroll at the University of Rochester, I must admit that I thought very little about the city itself—excluding the River Campus, of course. Having come from a place that is just an hour outside New York City, I assumed that there was little sense in exploring much of Rochester, New York, especially in the midst of classes. This year, however, thanks to a few friends with cars, I learned that I was very wrong.

What I conclude from my endeavors is that to properly experience all this city has to offer, you need a car. The University’s bus services are great for making many promising trips, namely to College Town, the Medical Center (which I learned has a great cafeteria that accepts declining money at cheap prices), Wegmans, Marketplace Mall, and Regal Cinemas. If you decide to go on a trip every once in a while, our buses may be all you need. But if you want to go further into the heart of Rochester and experience its many hidden delicacies, then a car will be needed.

In one year, I have recognized Rochester as a wonderful city with many great places to explore. What I have been most surprised by is the variety of great options the city has to offer. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite places—mostly places to eat—with a brief description:

Rochester Broadway Theatre League Auditorium Theater

Rochester Broadway Theatre League Auditorium Theatre


Rochester Auditorium Theatre: This venue hosts many big names throughout the year. In my time at Rochester, I have seen Bill Maher and Dave Chappelle perform here.


Ken’s Pizza Corner: Ken’s makes delicious calzones and pizzas. I highly suggest ordering from here whenever you’re in such a mood. They do deliver, but are also about ten minutes away by car.

Brownstein’s Deli and Bakery: Unfortunately, they do not deliver, and only accept cash, but they are about ten minutes away from the River Campus by car. They have dozens of different bagels that most people have probably never heard of. I highly recommend getting a bagel with lox.

D’Mangu: Half of my family is Dominican, and the other half Puerto Rican, so I love some white rice and beans. If you’re into Latin cuisines, this is my favorite place. They deliver to the River Campus.

Deli Sandro’s: This place makes delicious Philly cheese steaks and has a lot of great food to offer. They deliver and also accept UROs! See a full list of off-campus locations that accept UROs.

French Quarter Cafe: This restaurant is situated in a unique, converted home. They have some of the best desserts that you will ever eat.

Simply Crêpes: This place has great crêpes. It is located in Pittsford, and I would note that the surrounding area has countless little restaurants that are hidden treasures. This affluent suburb contains several hidden gems.

Those are just a few of the places I would recommend. Hopefully when you come here, you can see for yourself. And maybe one day you’ll create your own list. Meliora!

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Jose Fernandez

I'm Jose Fernandez, but I go by @JoseTheBae. I spend my days debating politics and economics, eating Blimpies, and stalking groundhogs at the University of Rochester. You can usually find me at Danforth, or in the lounge of Hoeing 3 praising free markets.

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