Cheap Summer Fun

In Rochester for the summer? Whether it’s internships, classes, or summer jobs keeping you around for the summer, there’s plenty to do in the Rochester area that’s totally affordable for students! If you’ve happened to stroll through the ground floor of Wallis Hall recently, you may have noticed our fabulous bulletin board full of fun ideas for summer on a budget! Let me give you a rundown of some thrifty tips for cheap summer fun in Rochester.

  1. Hiking and biking: There are plenty of great places to hike and bike around Rochester! You can hike for free on many local trails, or rent a bike and go for a ride! The Erie Canal is one fun and interesting place to hike and bike. There’s plenty of history and scenery to enjoy! Genesee Valley Park right near campus is another great option.
  2. Free concerts: Rochester always has an abundance of free concerts during the summer! On campus, you can enjoy carillon concerts regularly throughout the summer months. Just check out their Facebook page for more information. Nothing like enjoying this unique instrument out on the quad on a balmy summer night! You may also want to check out Party in the Park. With three concerts left this summer, there is sure to be summer fun ahead!
  3. Public Market: The Public Market is an incredibly popular Rochester destination that provides tons of inexpensive fun! You can always find tasty food and treats for great prices, plus tons of interesting vendors and awesome deals. You’ll also want to check out the Food Truck Rodeo at the market! They take place the last Wednesday of every month, featuring many of the city’s finest food trucks, and often live music to boot!
  4. Festivals: Rochester has tons of them! Up next is the Park Avenue Summer Art Fest, from August 2–3. You may have missed the infamous Jazz Fest (it was a great time), but there’s still time to check out upcoming Roc festivals! Park Ave Fest is always filled with artists, crafts, food, drinks, and more—definitely an enjoyable and affordable outing.

Whether you’re in Rochester for the summer or back home, you can definitely find plenty of fun and affordable ways to stay entertained in your area! Comment or tweet us @URFinAid with your favorite ideas for thrifty summer fun—we’d love to hear from you!

About the author

Patrick Hennessey

I am an alumnus of the University of Rochester, and I've worked in the Financial Aid Office as both a student worker and now a financial aid counselor. While at the University I was an English major, history minor, and also was involved with Greek Life. When I'm not slaving away over a hot keyboard, I'm usually at home writing, reading historical fiction and non-fiction, and playing my guitar.

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