A Night at the University of Rochester Starbucks…

I decided to record some of the things people said one night at the Starbucks on campus (i.e., completely inconspicuous eavesdropping) so you could get a feel for what it’s like to relax in a public space on Rochester’s campus. I had a lot of fun with this; please enjoy!



“Wow, this pizza is so good.”

“Maybe I’ll buy one of these mugs for my brother. I also want to buy him a fleece blanket from Target. They’re so soft, man.”

“I know sinuses are important but they are the least favorite part of my body right now.”

“The Danforth stench is a daily struggle.”

“Could I have a venti ice water with two scoops of matcha, please?”*

“Do you want to be cool and study here or go back to Rush Rhees?”

“I can’t even tell you what the Babadook is. Let’s just say the Babadook is in all of us.”

“The chairs in the Quieter Lounge are so comfy; that’s my favorite part.”

“You really do have a biscuit face, though.”

“I’m not going to lie to you, up until recently you took photos of your laptop screen until I taught you how to take a screenshot.”

“I love going backpackless.”

“Yeah, the airport was basically just all U of R people. I even saw my British lit professor.”

“I’m at a crossroads…. I have two slices of pizza left but I’m not hungry.”

“How do you pronounce ‘Tapingo’? I say it like ‘tah-PING-go’ but I think it is supposed to be short for ‘tap and go.’”

“I could write an opinion piece about Wegmans. That’s very Rochester.”

“I want to come up with an idea for the $5K challenge but all I can think of is getting a huge trampoline room.”
“Why didn’t you tell me they serve mangoes at Douglass?!”

“We have got to see the new Michael Moore documentary.”

“No, you can’t have this pizza! I’m going to finish it in an hour.”

“Today is one of those days when you have to talk back to the music overhead.”

“Ohhhhh, I thought his shirt said “Trump” but it says “Grumpy.” This is how invasive politics are in our lives!”

“I need to come up with a storage method for my pizza.”



*Behind-the-scenes tip: This quote is mine.

About the author

Charlotte Pillow

I am a member of the Class of 2019. I am originally from Ridgewood, NJ. I am a student in the Dual Degree in Nursing program. I am majoring in nursing, public health, and interdisciplinary dance studies, and minoring in psychology. I am the president of the College Diabetes Network and a research assistant at the School of Nursing. For the 2017 spring semester, I studied public health at the University of Oxford.


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