A New Soccer Season at Rochester

A look at the new team!

As the semester has come to a start, the soccer season has also begun. It's a hectic time of going to new classes (and subsequently picking your favorites), lots of practices and games, and a huge change in scenery for most who spent summer doing internships, jobs, and relaxing.

Some updates as we start the season:

  • We welcome in a freshman class of nine players from places all over the US like Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and of course New York. They cover a range of majors, but interestingly, a large majority are looking to major in financial economics and the new undergraduate business program. This goes against the current trend on the team of engineering majors.
  • We also welcome back senior goalie Alex Sandler from Prague where he had been studying abroad in the spring semester. He came back with rave reviews of the city and the study abroad program in general, saying that "It's just something you have to do while at school."
  • The last update is that we added a new assistant coach, Joe Baia.  He comes to us after spending a few years as an assistant at Brockport, and he brings a lot of knowledge and experience to our team.

So a little bit about how the season has started for us and what to look forward to:

  • We currently are 5-1, which is one of our best starts in years. We have currently outscored opponents 26-4 showing off an improved attack and also a very tough defense.
  • A wide variety of players have not only played solid minutes but have also been getting goals, assists, and being all around good assets to the team. We are really looking to maximize our depth at every position, and it looks like we are on the right track so far this season.
  • Our next game is the Hillside Community Shield match on Saturday the 24th against RIT. This match is held at Sahlen's Stadium in downtown Rochester, and all profits from the match will be donated to the Hillside Community of Charities. Our team was lucky enough to go to the Hillside campus where they help youth who are at risk or underprivileged in various ways. It is a great place, and we are really excited to put on a really fun game for these kids to watch as well as the entire Rochester Community.

We have extremely high hopes for this season both on and off the field, and I can't wait to fill you guys in as the year progresses. 

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