A Letter from the Financial Aid Director

Samantha VeederHappy New Year and welcome back to campus! We hope everyone enjoyed a happy and safe holiday season with family and friends. The spring semester is always a busy time in the Financial Aid Office as we begin our review of financial aid applications to prepare awards for the upcoming academic year.

All current students returning for the 2018–2019 academic year have received instructions via email on renewing financial aid applications. The deadline to reapply for aid is March 15, 2018. This includes all required applications and supporting documents.

Students graduating in May who have borrowed student loans must complete exit counseling for the federal student loan program prior to graduation. Our office will email students about the exit counseling requirement and procedures.

If you need us throughout the semester, our office is open from 8:30 am–5:00 pm Monday through Friday, with the exception of Wednesday when we open at 10:00 am. Please don’t hesitate to contact your counselor if you have any questions about your financial aid for this year or next!

Have a wonderful spring semester.


Sam Veeder
Associate Dean of College Enrollment & Director of Financial Aid

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