5 Reasons to Live in Southside as an Upperclassman

As a rising senior, the Residential Life website suggests that all doors are wide open: I may live in the fancy new apartment complex that is Brooks Crossing, or the much-praised Riverview Apartments on the other side of the Genesee River.

Thus, on Monday morning, when the housing lottery opens to seniors, I will select a Maisonette in Southside.


Although Southside is often cited to be the least favourable among the on-campus housing options for students at Rochester, I will give you five reasons why Southside is not as terrible as the rumours suggest:

1. Ambiance

If you’re looking to be a little farther away from campus, as you might be in Brooks, Riverview, or even Phase, Southside is a great addition to that list. The community is tight-knit and with the addition of the quad, Southside gives off a peaceful vibe. Definitely a great spot if you’re a person that likes to study by yourself, or in a more quiet area.

2. Distance

This is the category for which Southside gets a bad rep. The common consensus is that Southside is “too far” and “away from everything.” Naturally I can’t change the distance between where the University campus ends and where Southside starts, but I have walked the distance plenty this past year, and it has never taken me longer than 10 mins to get from one place to the other. (Psst! That’s about the same distance it takes to walk from Phase to the Science Quad.)

3. Transportation

Now, in terms of transportation, Southside is anything but lacking. Monday through Friday, the Silver Line is at your service from 7 am to midnight. The shuttle stops by the Zone 3 South parking lot (close to Southside) every 15 mins, and drives you directly to the Science Quad and Rush Rhees Library. Then there’s also the Blue Line, which drives less frequently, but stops by College Town between Rush Rhees and Southside. Over the weekend, the Blue and Orange Lines are combined, so you can head downtown by taking a single bus! Another sweet deal is the Green Line, going to Marketplace Mall, Walmart, and Wegmans on Saturdays. Although you have to head to campus to catch the bus going to the mall, once you’re done with all your shopping, the shuttle will drop you off right outside of Southside. Convenient!

4. Food

Worried about your meal plan options? Don’t be! All apartments, including the Maisonettes and the doubles and triples in the two towers, DeKiewet and Valentine, are equipped with a large fridge, a stove, an oven, and plenty of cabinet space. This means that the lowest meal plan option is available to you, and that if you’re an avid fan of cooking for yourself and your friends, this is a great place to live. There’s also a tiny supermarket, like Hillside in Susan B. Anthony Halls, available on the ground floor of DeKiewet. Although their groceries are a little more limited than Hillside, you never know when you’re craving that Ben & Jerry’s, or a pack of Doritos.

5. Money

Is money a problem for you? Worry not, because Southside is actually the cheapest place to live on campus. Regardless of whether you’ll be living with two friends or just one, if you’re staying in either Valentine or DeKiewet, you’re definitely getting a good deal. If you’re considering moving into the Maisonettes, things become slightly more pricey. But it’s definitely still a great deal, seeing as you’re only sharing your bathroom with one other person. Combining these options with a low meal plan has often helped a student save a little more money. 😉

So there you have it! Five reasons Southside is a great option for upperclass living.


About the author

Jackie Heinzelmann

I'm an undergraduate of the Class of 2018 double-majoring in international relations and East Asian studies. As an international student from Switzerland, I've previously been part of Residential Life on campus, and I am currently holding executive board memberships for two clubs on campus. When I'm not busy getting ready for class, writing, or watching movies, I barista at the Starbucks on campus while simultaneously trying to juggle some cool research for political science.

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