35 Things Study Abroad Gave Me

1. An inspiration for fashion.

2. Amazing friends!

3. The chance to start new habits.

4. A preference to use active transportation.

5. A passion for caring for the environment.

6. An interest in studying cigarette smoking habits.

7. A deeper understanding of noncommunicable diseases.

8. Aspirations to travel even more.

9. Fascination with the British royal family.

10. An interest in world history.

11. Confidence in my public health major.

12. An appreciation for amazing views.

13. Improved cooking skills.

14. An appreciation for fashion trends.

15. A preference for canned—not frozen—peas.

16. Determination to visit the Caribbean again.

17. Networking skills.

18. Reverence for parks and gardens.

19. A preference for public transport.

20. An awareness of my daily intake of fruit and veggies (five servings a day, people!)

21. Insight into different drinking cultures.

22. Fantastic Instagram options.

23. New dance moves.

24. A love for the outdoors.

25. New music taste.

26. A crush on Prince Harry!

27. An appreciation for my friends back home.

28. An awareness of recycling ease (or lack thereof!).

29. An intense love for the sun.

30. An appreciation for the power of the American passport.

31. An insight into start-up companies through my internship.

32. Real practice on my French.

33. An interest in international women’s rights.

34. A habit of packing reusable bags.

35. The courage to try new things.



These are the amazing friends I was talking about!

About the author

Charlotte Pillow

I am a member of the Class of 2019. I am originally from Ridgewood, NJ. I am a student in the Dual Degree in Nursing program. I am majoring in nursing, public health, and interdisciplinary dance studies, and minoring in psychology. I am the president of the College Diabetes Network and a research assistant at the School of Nursing. For the 2017 spring semester, I studied public health at the University of Oxford.

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