2015 in Review

Wow—2015 has been a big year for financial literacy at Rochester! Thank you all for being a part of it, whether you’ve read our blog, attended an event, or followed our money-saving tips on Twitter.

Let’s stroll down memory lane to remember all the cool stuff that went down in 2015.

  • We hosted three financial literacy events this year: Mind Over Money, Save Your Dollars with Sigma Delta Tau, and Affording Study Abroad.

Mind Over Money

  • Recap: Mind Over Money: This event was tons of fun, because it involved guest speakers and a cool game. One of my favorite pieces of advice that I heard came from our business librarian, Suzanne Bell. She reminded everyone, “Be honest with yourself. Track every penny for awhile and see how much you’re really spending.” We even walked away with a book recommendation: Affluenza, which is all about consumer marketing and how wants do not equal needs. Andrea Colline of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester also had a great tip: “It’s about progression, not perfection.” Don’t be too hard on yourself. Working toward getting better at managing your money is a process.

Save Your Dollars

  • Recap: Save Your Dollars: We had a great time partnering with Sigma Delta Tau for this interactive event about budgeting and beyond. There were Insomnia Cookies for all, plus the opportunity to talk about some real-life money scenarios in small groups. Postgrad life is a little less scary now.
  • Recap: Affording Study Abroad: We partnered with the Center for Education Abroad and the Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences for this event. We’ll host another session in the spring for folks who are planning to go abroad in Fall 2016.
  • We moved upstairs! If you come in to visit your financial aid counselor, our offices are now located on the first floor instead of the basement.
  • Blogs on blogs on blogs: We posted tons over on our blog! Whether you were worried about your New Year’s resolutions or hosting a thrifty Thanksgiving, we had you covered. Let us know if there are specific topics you want us to blog about.
  • We launched a Tumblr! We’ve already posted over 70 times and are loving the chance to share so much financial info with you. And also, gifs and stuff 🙂

There are great new things on the horizon for 2016! If you have any ideas for future financial literacy events, feel free to call or email, tweet, or write to us on Tumblr.

About the author

Patrick Hennessey

I am an alumnus of the University of Rochester, and I've worked in the Financial Aid Office as both a student worker and now a financial aid counselor. While at the University I was an English major, history minor, and also was involved with Greek Life. When I'm not slaving away over a hot keyboard, I'm usually at home writing, reading historical fiction and non-fiction, and playing my guitar.

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