10 Fun Facts About Athletics At Rochester

1. There’s something for everyone. We have 14 intramural programs on campus that include sports like soccer, volleyball, football, and basketball. We have 39 club sports on campus including soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and even Quidditch. Lastly, we have 23 varsity sports programs.

2. Eighteen of our coaches are Rochester alumni. Thirteen coaches either played or coached at the Division I level, one coach played in the NFL, one is an Olympian in High Jump, and one was the six-time National Squash Champion (of Scotland).

3. Rochester has won four team national championships: women’s soccer has two (1986 & 1987), men’s basketball has one (1990), and men’s cross country has one (1991).

4. The squash team is our only Division I sport and is a staple in the national rankings. Also, seven of the nine members of the men’s squash team come from countries outside of the US.

5. The Goergen Athletic Center had 360,000 entrants last year. The “GAC” includes an indoor track and turf field, a state-of-the-art fitness center, multiple dance studios, indoor basketball courts, indoor tennis courts, squash and racquetball courts, and a beautifully renovated pool.

6. The GAC also helps to provide the City Cycles program, which is a free bike loaning program for students at Rochester. It is great for getting around campus or going off campus to houses, restaurants, or the Medical Center.

7. The GAC was renovated in 2000. Since then, we have had 48 teams win conference championships, 112 teams nationally ranked, and 101 teams make the post-season.

8. 42 students have been named Academic All-Americans and 91 teams have earned All-Academic honors from their respective coaching organizations since 2000. This is in part thanks to the open curriculum and the understanding of both coaches and professors. The combination of athletics and academics is a huge reason many student athletes choose Rochester.

9. Fauver Stadium was recently renovated, too. Alumnus and former soccer player Brian Prince made a sizable donation to improve the quality of Fauver Stadium, and in his honor, it was renamed the Prince Athletic Complex.

10. All students can spend time using the athletic facilities. Recent improvements to our athletic facilities, as well as the on-going updates have led to substantial increases in available time on the fields for all students, whether it is through free-time or clubs and intramurals.

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