Admissions counselors conduct a holistic review, considering a variety of factors, including many kinds of academic records. The self-directed curriculum makes Rochester an attractive and appropriate choice for students who have a home school education. Readers seek to understand how home-schooled applicants have also learned from a variety of people and experiences.


To supplement the basic application components, home-educated students must submit a comprehensive description of the program of study, including:

  • Syllabi with textbooks, where applicable, and a list of all completed literary texts.
  • A description of instruction methods and assessment for laboratory sciences.
  • A brief (100–200 words) personal statement reflecting on the value of the home schooling experience.
  • At least four years each of English, mathematics, and history/social studies, and three years each of science and foreign language. (Most admitted students will have completed these years of study in these areas.)
  • Evidence of preparation through exam results.
  • Any transcripts from accredited colleges or universities. (Most successful home-schooled applicants have completed college-level course work.)
Subjective Requirements
  • At least one, and preferably two, letters of recommendation from outside instructors, volunteer or group supervisors, or employers.
  • A peer recommendation from someone not more than one year older or younger.
  • A request for an on-campus, off-campus, Skype, or telephone interview with an admissions counselor (before December 15 of your senior/application year).

Graduation Requirements 

Graduation requirements typically set forth by the state in which home school students reside meet the academic requirements to be considered for admission. Most states require at least four years of English, three years of mathematics, four years of history/social studies, three years of science, and three years of a foreign language. Home schooled students should check their respective state requirements for graduation. If for any reason the curriculum differs from what a student has taken, an explanation into what the student has chosen versus what the state requires for graduation should be explained. 


Home schooled students, like all Rochester applicants, can qualify for need-based financial aid and/or compete for merit scholarships.

“Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.”