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Alumni Interviewers

Welcome to the University of Rochester Alumni Interviewing Program!

Thank you for your participation in the University of Rochester Alumni Admissions Interviewing Program. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email  or

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Alumni Interviewer Timeline

  • Between October 1 and January 24: UR applicants can request alumni interviews in person, via phone, or virtual format (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc.). You will receive an automated email letting you know you’ve received an interview request. Students will no longer be able to submit interview requests after January 24, but you will have into mid- February to complete outstanding interviews remaining in your queue.
  • Immediately after receiving an interview request notificationLog onto your alumni interviewer account to view your interview request queue on your dashboard. Click on a student’s name, then either decline the interview or initiate contact with your interviewee via the Interview Status and Confirmation and Message to the Student areas on the right side of your dashboard.
  • As soon as possible, but no longer than 72 hours after accepting a request: Contact student through the Message to the Student text box on your interviewer page (this section is located on the right side of your dashboard page).
  • Confirm and schedule the interview in the Interview Status and Confirmation section of your interviewer page (this section is located on the right side of your dashboard page).
  • Within 2 weeks, or as soon as possible: Conduct interview (at Starbucks, bookstore, library, via virtual format, phone, etc.). Please be mindful to make students comfortable by conducting interviews in easily accessible public locations if meeting in person. Interviews for Regular Decision students should be conducted, and evaluation forms submitted, no later than February 15.
  • Immediately after the interview: Submit online evaluation form, found by clicking on the student’s name in your interview queue, then scrolling over to “Interview Status” column and clicking on “Evaluation.”
  • Between December and April 1: Admissions Office reviews applications and renders decisions. Interview evaluation form is added to the applicant’s file and considered among admission materials. A student’s application is held as long as possible for final review until the interview evaluation is received. Please don’t delay or your interview feedback may be too late to be considered!
  • By mid-April: You will be notified of your interviewees’ admission decisions via your interview queue. You are welcome and encouraged to congratulate admitted students.
  • Mid-August: Final admissions status for all your interviewees are available by request if not viewable in your interviewer account. This allows you to learn if the admitted candidate you interviewed accepted our offer of admission, if the waitlisted candidate you met was admitted, etc.

Thank you for helping identify the next generation of University of Rochester alumni!