Rochester Scholars Summer Session B:
July 25-29, 2011

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Bang Your Head! Heavy Metal Music and Its History

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Students explore the musical structure and the fascinating social/cultural history of heavy metal music through reading, listening, discussion, and hands-on activities.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare: Reading and Performing the Bard's Plays

This class looks closely at scenes from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Students form their own interpretations of the Great Bard's messages and try out different ways of performing the play.

Build a Mobile Robot

Using LEGO® Mindstorm kits, students design, build, and program robots that will accomplish specific tasks.

Careers in Engineering

Through stimulating lectures, interactive labs, and informative field trips, this class introduces the many disciplines of engineering and what to expect during academic training at a university level. Students learn the importance of mathematics, science, and technology in everyday engineering situations.

Case Studies in Science: Medical Mysteries

Based at the University of Rochester Medical Center, this course teaches students how to examine DNA, perform laboratory-based tests, identify microbes, and engage in a case that integrates legal aspects of health care.

Come Join the Band: Creative Music Making for Everyone

Open to aspiring, intermediate, and advanced musicians, this course covers music in a variety of styles and teaches songwriting/arranging, effective rehearsal and performance techniques, understanding the music business, and more. The course culminates in a live performance by the groups formed during the week.

How to Beat Dr. House at His Own Game! Experience the New Frontier of Biomedical Engineering

This course teaches students the underlying physiology of crucial human organ systems and how to record the biological signals which dictate how they perform.

How to Stay in the Game: The Anatomy of a Sports Injury

Students gain a basic knowledge of human anatomy as it applies to the most common sports injuries. Units of study cover basic anatomy, injuries to the integumentary system, the head, neck, and spine, major joints, and major muscles. Along with the anatomy of the injury, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation techniques are also discussed.

IB Extended Essay Experience

This course offers 11th- and 12th-grade IB students the opportunity to begin their Extended Essay research using the unparalleled resources of a national research university, with guidance from IB instructors and University librarians.

Introduction to Game Theory

This course provides students with an understanding of the basic building blocks of game theory, illustrated through games such as Diplomacy and Deal or No Deal. After learning how to beat each game, students apply their new knowledge by playing the games in class.

Lean Six Sigma! Say What?

Examining the ways in which major companies and organizations are creating new products, improving quality, and increasing speed and profits, students gain a set of tools and concepts that can be used to solve problems.

The Magic of Molars and the Wisdom of Teeth: Exploring Oral Health

This course introduces dental procedures through hands-on activities, examines the latest equipment, and takes a close look at the skills and educational requirements necessary to become an oral health professional. Discussion also focuses on the changing field of oral health and the high demands for dentists to meet the needs of local, national, and international patient populations.

Making the Transition from High School to College

Students gain a basic understanding of important success strategies that aid with the transition to college, including time management, financial planning, campus resources, and campus safety. The role of equity and diversity in the transition is also briefly introduced.

Managing and Imagining Your Future

The goal of this course is to provide important academic, social, and self-reflective capital young adults will need to successfully navigate decisions made in high school and in their community. Through lecture, guest speakers, and tours of businesses and colleges, students learn about résumés, autobiographies, mock interviews, college essays, time management, balancing athletics and academics, and much more.

Order in the Court: Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Sorts

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This course goes beyond the TV courtroom dramas to explore what the legal field is really like. Students discuss the same issues and draft the same documents as actual practicing attorneys— negotiating a contract, plea-bargaining a case, drafting their will, visiting the Hall of Justice, and more.

Picture This: Tell a Story with Photographs

Students learn how to use photography to tell a story, looking at iconic photographs and discussing what graphic elements create a great photograph. Students also learn how to write captions, use basic Photoshop tools, and create a compelling photo story and possible portfolio piece.

Popular Astronomy: Black Holes, Aliens, and Exoplanets

This course addresses popular astronomy topics such as black holes and alien life forms. Students explore how astronomers use telescopes to study the universe and get a feel for how large the universe really is.

Powering the Future: Putting Alternative Energy to Work

Students explore alternative energy through activities like building a solar oven, creating a model wind turbine, and visiting a local business that utilizes wind power. Students also have the opportunity to utilize online technologies like Google Earth and Skype to assist them in comparing fossil fuels to alternative energy sources.

Rochester CSI

Throughout this intensive hands-on course, students learn about investigating crime scenes and put their newfound knowledge to use in a mock homicide investigation.

The Russian Revolution

This course investigates questions surrounding the Russian Revolution of 1917: How and why did the Russian Empire collapse? Who made this revolution? How did an insignificant and peripheral political party seize power? Discussions highlight the reverberating effects of these events.

Understanding Animal Behavior

Through discussions and hands-on activities, students examine the evolutionary biology, ecology, and mechanisms of animal behavior. Students observe animals at the Seneca Park Zoo; study communication between humans and canines; learn about courtship signals used by birds; explore the evolution and mechanisms of migration in birds and sea turtles; and investigate the role of learning, memory, and sensory input used by animals to find food.

Voices of the Holocaust

This class examines the many voices of the Holocaust, discussing video clips and examples of writing from children in concentration camps, survivors who chose to tell their stories years later, and members of the Nazi party who took part in the destruction.

The War Room: Strategies of a Battle Plan

From the French and Indian War through present-day conflicts, students discover how America has drawn inspiration from the likes of Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and others to carve out the ambitious battle plan. This course focuses on the stories and military strategies that aren't covered in everyday history class—from brilliance to cowardice.

Warfare: Past, Present, and Future

Through art, film, poetry, and tactical reenactments, students explore the age-old craft of war, tracing its continuities and transformations from the chariot to the bomber, and beyond.

What's Up Doc? Exploring the Pre-Med Experience

Students explore the academic path to medical school; the procedures, equipment, and ethical decisions doctors encounter; and the pros and cons associated with this field.