Become a Better Supervisor Workshop Series

Join Student Employment & Greene Center staff to discover tools, resources, and community to help you and your student employees have a better experience while finding efficient and effective ways to do it. Together we will learn and share tactics to better hire, motivate, support, and develop career ready students.

  • Session 2: On-boarding, Accountability, and Evaluations- providing clear expectations while supporting and encouraging your students!
    • Friday, November 30, 12–1 pm
    • Greene Center 4-200 Dewey Hall


  • Session 3: Motivating, Team Building, and Celebrating Success Among Students- find cost-effective ways to enhance collaboration while recognizing their accomplishments!
    • Tuesday, December 11, 11 am–12 pm
    • Douglass 401

Student Employment User Groups

  • Tuesday, December 4, 10-11 am
  • Eastman School of Music. MC220

Minimum Wage Increases

New York State minimum wage is projected to increase $.70 per hour through the year 2020.

Minimum Wage Amount Effective Date
$10.40/hour 12/24/17
$11.10/hour 12/23/18
$11.80/hour 12/22/19
$12.50/hour 12/21/20

Undergraduate Hourly Wages:

  • Level I Hire Rate: $10.40
  • Level II Hire Rate: $10.65
  • Level III Hire Rate: $11.00

Graduate Hourly Wages:
(For advanced-level work in program, technical, or research assistant positions)

  • Level IV Hire Range: $12.35–$17.50
  • Level V Hire Range: $17.00–$22.50