Student Prerequisite Completion Notification

Effective November 1, 2017, JobLink will notify the Supervisor and the Timekeeper when the student’s prerequisites for hire are complete and the date the student can begin working. 

Minimum Wage Increases

New York State minimum wage is projected to increase $.70 per hour through the year 2020.

Minimum Wage Amount Effective Date
$10.40/hour 12/24/17
$11.10/hour 12/23/18
$11.80/hour 12/22/19
$12.50/hour 12/21/20

Undergraduate Hourly Wages:

  • Level I Hire Rate: $10.40
  • Level II Hire Rate: $10.65
  • Level III Hire Rate: $11.00

Graduate Hourly Wages:
(For advanced-level work in program, technical, or research assistant positions)

  • Level IV Hire Range: $12.35–$17.50
  • Level V Hire Range: $17.00–$22.50