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Off-Broadway On Campus

Off Broadway On Campus was formed to provide a venue for University of Rochester Students to perform musical theatre and be able to bring musical theatre as entertainment to the University of Rochester community as a whole.

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Jennie Fagen


Being a Teaching Assistant was my most meaningful activity. I loved interacting with the freshmen and seeing what it was like to be on the other side. Teaching was so rewarding.

Jake Grantier


I was able to study what I wanted and really got the most out of my college experience. I also really enjoyed all the different organizations and the countless opportunities at U of R.

Colin Brown


I loved the way that school pride came out for Meliora Weekend, especially when clubs and ensembles showed off what they were working on for the year.

Dan Allan


I was a double major in physics and music, something that is much more difficult (if allowed at all) at most other universities.

Ronnie Archie Jr.


I can’t say that I had one most meaningful extracurricular activity. I did them because they were all so important to me.