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Jessica Cohen


There’s always something going on: a concert, a dance performance, a comedian brought in by the school. There are just a lot of fun things to do on campus.

Ethan Siegler


I flew to Rochester, got out of the taxi, met a fantastic host, saw the school, and against all of my prior intentions, I liked the place. Having never considered Rochester my number one when I first set out on the college search and having spent 3 years here so far, I think I made the right choice.

Natajah Roberts


When I learned about the open curriculum at UR, I was sold. I’ve already changed my major twice, so I can’t imagine going to another school and not being able to take the classes that really interested me in my freshman and sophomore years.

Eric Davis


When I visited I stayed with a couple of my friends who graduated from my high school two years before me, and they proved to me how great the people are at Rochester. Everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming. I knew this was the right place for me.

Nahoma Presberg


I think there’s something to be said for living with your friends and talking about the random things going on at school. It’s so gratifying to talk about the new things I learn in class. I love when I can actually be excited about the things that I am learning.

Anna Price


What is your favorite “thing” about University of Rochester?
Bright students and excellent professors.

Ha Hyung Lee


The moment that I visited the U of R, I instantly knew that I belong here… The university combines the beauty of the rustic scenery and the vivacity of an urban city. Furthermore, the lack of general education requirements told me that the University wants me to pursue whichever subject I feel most passionate about.