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Minors and BAs in Art History and Studio Arts
PhD in Visual and Cultural Studies

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Yanyi Jiang


The most appealing about the University of Rochester is the size of the international student body and the clubs corresponding to different cultures

Keila Mayes


Every year the hall councils around campus joined together and sponsor a ski trip to Bristol Mountain for a day. I went skiing for the first time and LOVED it.

Lonnie Ginsberg


I came here because I knew I could pursue my passion for music to the fullest.

Lindsay Dussing


The cluster system seemed perfect for me and I loved the idea of not having required core classes. My campus visit and overnight stay then further sealed my decision — I thought the campus was beautiful.

Kali Cohn


For me, the best Rochester experience was a program in which I went to an elementary after school program in the city and helped the children with their homework and provided a friendly face for them to talk to.

Natajah Roberts


When I learned about the open curriculum at UR, I was sold. I’ve already changed my major twice, so I can’t imagine going to another school and not being able to take the classes that really interested me in my freshman and sophomore years.

Nahoma Presberg


I think there’s something to be said for living with your friends and talking about the random things going on at school. It’s so gratifying to talk about the new things I learn in class. I love when I can actually be excited about the things that I am learning.

Anja Weiss


I chose the University of Rochester because of the people. Although every person seemed different, all the students seemed passionate, and excited about what they were doing and learning. People seem genuinely happy here.