Eric Davis

Newton, Massachusetts

Academic Interests:

Extracurricular Activities:

  • To be determined

What were some of your favorite activities prior to arriving at University of Rochester?

I served as president of Invisible Children, which is an organization that raises money and awareness to end the use of child soldiers by the Lord Resistance Army in Northern Uganda. We had bake sales, t-shirt sales, and video presentation days to promote and support Invisible Children.

Additionally, I served as a varsity baseball captain—one of my favorite activities, for its interaction with teammates and coaches.

Finally, I worked with Native Americans on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana. I met with some of the medical leaders on the reservation, and we are working on a program to bring medical simulation devices to the reservation. This will hopefully promote healthier living styles as well as inspire these children to pursue higher education.

What was your favorite class in high school and why?

My Sustaining Global Communities class. We learned all about the environment and how to better sustain it. I finally was able to understand our environment and make changes in my life as I realized the negative impact I was previously putting on it. My favorite part of the class was our final project. My group learned all about white roofs and created a pamphlet on what they are and why it is vital that businesses in New England change their roofs to this type. All in all, this was my favorite class because its subject was one I had never really learned about beyond what I’ve heard from my friends, family, or the news.

What do you think best prepared you for life at University of Rochester?

Although I have just started my “life” at the University, I feel as if my large high school workload will have helped prepare me. The U of R is known to be challenging, so I feel as though my rigorous high school course load will be the main reason I am prepared.

When you applied for admission, what accomplishments did you hope would be recognized by the Admissions Office?

I really wanted Admissions to notice I care for my community, as well as others outside of it. Throughout high school I participated in many different services to help others. These include working in the preschool at my high school, coaching baseball and basketball, Invisible Children, and working with Native Americans in Montana. I felt these activities defined me as a person, and I was glad that Admissions was able to notice them.

Why did you choose the University of Rochester?

The first reason I chose UR was the flexibility to take the courses I want. With very minimal academic requirements, the U of R allows students to take what they are interested in without being forced to cover topics they may find boring. I really love having control over what I take, so Rochester is a perfect fit for me.

Secondly, I chose Rochester because of the community feel it has. When I visited, I stayed with a couple of my friends who graduated from my high school two years before me, and they proved to me how great the people are at Rochester. Everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming. I knew this was the right place for me.

What piece of advice would you give to a prospective student interested in the University of Rochester?

Anyone interested in the University should try to stay overnight with a current Rochester student. For me, this was the main way I came to my choice. I was able to meet all kinds of people and get a feel for how the school is run behind the scenes. In addition, this allowed me to ask the students many questions, which helped me better understand the school.